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Deus Ex Walkthrough Hell's Kitchen 3

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Tong relays news of riots and subsequent martial law. The streets are not safe. Slip into this back entrance to the Underworld Tavern directly across the street.

You'll find Harley Filben here. He instructs you to find Stanton Dowd at the burned-out remains of Osgood & Sons. He also asks you to kill the reporter Joe Greene, claiming Joe is a spy for UNATCO.

Talk to this sailor, Vinny. Respond, "I would, too. Maybe I'll check it out for you." He'll offer to have a friend slip you into the naval base. You earn 100 skill points.

Sandra Renton confides that Vinny is an old friend from High School and is someone you can trust. She also informs you that UNATCO has been looking for you.

Don't miss this Medkit behind the bar.

Now to complete the secondary objective of killing Joe Greene. Actually, knocking him out will suffice. The Free Clinic is directly across the street from the Tavern's front entrance. Activate your cloak and scurry across.

On the way over, you receive an incoherent message from Daedalus.

You'll find Joe Greene here. Tell him, "You aren't a reporter at all. You work for UNATCO," and he'll make a break for it.

You don't actually have to kill Joe Greene to complete the secondary goal. Knocking him out with a Baton or the Riot Prod will do.

The MedBots are available for use. Heal yourself before heading out.

Return to the Underworld Tavern and tell Harley Filben that you've taken care of Joe Greene.

Head around the block to the burned-out Osgood & Sons place. Again, your cloak (and Recirculator) help avoid the patrols.

You'll find Dowd tucked along the left wall. He won't speak to you if there is danger, so make sure you don't bring trouble when you approach. Dowd has the Gray Death and asks you to bring him any Ambrosia you find on the ship.

Jock reports that MJ12 are closing in. You can walk right past them with your cloak on, but it eats energy at a terrific rate, so be judicious with its use.

If you have the energy to spare for your cloak you can head to Smuggler's, but I don't recommend it. Here is the location in case you forgot where the entrance is. Gunther warns that they are preparing for the operation now. Press the button to use the password, "Bloodshot."

Once again, Bypass Smuggler's defenses with Multitools or jump or climb over the lasers. Jock reports that MJ12 are closing in.

Smuggler's prices are very high, and getting here is dangerous. Unless you have no explosives at all, I recommend avoiding this side quest.

Use a small crate or your Speed Enhancement to jump back onto the fire escape at the 'Ton Hotel.

Climb into Paul's apartment and use the code 4321 to access the secret closet. You'll find a Multitool and a Bioelectric Cell inside.

Climb to the roof and board Jock's chopper to end this short level.