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Deus Ex Walkthrough NSF Airfield

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You begin the level back on Liberty Island, UNATCO Headquarters. Return to the below-ground bunker for a Multitool. Enter the equipment shed (code 0451) for a recharge from a Repair Bot.

Alex relays your next objective - report to Manderley. Notice the closed gate - Liberty Island is off limits.

Talk to the bodyguards and learn that there are prisoners being held within. Enter UNATCO HQ.

Your non lethal tactics are not going over well with UNATCO's grunts.

Descend to the offices. This office on the right has some Tranquilizer Darts.

Talk to this Trooper and learn that the prisoners are being interrogated by a specialist from DC.

You'll find a lockpick on the bookshelf in this office.

The mysterious figure we saw earlier is in Manderley's office.

You can enter Manderley's office once Mystery Man leaves. You'll find the office key on this bookshelf.

Manderley pays you c1200 for your good work, but says your brother's mission failed. UNATCO is going to fire Paul - when they find him. Your objectives are updated -- get equipment from Carter, then take the chopper back to the city.

Anna tells Manderley that your tactics are incompatible with hers. She requests a new partner. When Manderley rejects the request, Anna states that she will submit her concerns to the mystery man - Walton Simons.

If you missed it earlier, here's your chance to grab the hall closet key on this table behind Manderley's desk.

Return to your office and read this email from Paul, with Manderley's password, "knight_killer."

Head down to the holding cells and listen to Walton Simons interrogating the NSF prisoners. When he's convinced they won't talk, he kills them.

You'll find this Bioelectric cell in Anna and Gunther's office.

Talk to Sam Carter and complete your objective. Sam likes your style and trusts you with an extra clip.

Return to the hidden subfloor in Alex's office and retrieve a credit chit worth c100 and a lockpick.

Alex isn't at his desk, but this Multitool is. Also, check the supply closet (code 2001) for a Bioelectric Cell.

Head over to Medical and install your Augmentation Canisters. I chose Speed Enhancement and Aqualung. I also upgraded Speed Enhancement to Tech Two. A successful noncombatant needs access to the entire game map -- that means swimming farther and jumping higher.

Time to spend those skill points. I find that lockpicks are more scarce than Multitools, so I've upgraded Lockpicking to Advanced. Swimming enables paths that avoid casualties, so I've upgraded that to Trained.

Board Jock's chopper and return to Battery Park.

You'll find that Castle Clinton is sealed, including the secret tunnel entrance.

Talk to the locals. Billy tells you that there is a secret passage in the subway, but he doesn't know the code.

Head into this shack and talk to Curly.

You'll give Curly the password that you got from the bum you rescued earlier, "Underworld." Curly gives you the tunnel code - 6653. You are awarded 175 skill points.

Alternately, the code is available in this chest in a nearby shack - but you have to pick the lock.

Time to enter the subway.

Talk to Harley Filben on the platform. Harley offers to sell you the tunnel code, but you already have that. Talk to him again and learn that UNATCO believe Juan Lebedev has the Ambrosia.

Enter the code 6653. Stay in the phone booth -- the entire booth becomes an elevator, carrying you down to a tunnel leading to the Brooklyn Bridge station.

Follow the tunnel up to the Brooklyn Bridge station. Alex relays what you already know -- the Mole People have an adjacent tunnel system.

Talk to Don. Trade your Zyme for some information -- there's a keypad under the sink in the women's bathroom. In the men's bathroom, Lenny will trade you a LAM for Zyme.

Now for an optional assignment. Head upstairs. In the west end of the station you'll find the Rook leader, El Rey. He'll give you a LAM if you 'take care of' the drug dealer downstairs. Alternately, you can buy a LAM for c750.

You'll find the drug dealer below in the southeast corner. If you press him for information, you'll initiate a firefight. Otherwise, he'll offer to sell you Zyme.

In fact, you don't need to talk to him at all. Just zap him with your riot prod and knock him out. Search his body for some Zyme.

Return to El Rey and, after some quibbling over tactics, he tells you that he'll have someone "finish the hit" and he gives you the LAM. You are awarded 100 skill points. Again, this is entirely optional if you already have a LAM or c750 to buy one.

Grab the Multitool on this public phone. You can also hack the nearby ATM for c50.

Charlie is located at the northeast end of the station, lower level. Talk to him and learn that he will trade you information for a repair job -- fix their damaged water supply.

Toss a LAM through this doorway, shattering the debris blocking the other side.

Pass through the corridor to this area. You can follow the arrows through the pipe and pick the grate, or jump through the steam and take some minor damage.

Turn both of these valves to restore water. You are awarded an Accomplishment Bonus of 100 skill points.

Return to Charlie Fann and tell him the water is back on. He gives you the code to the keypad in the women's restroom - 5482.

Here's the women's restroom.

Enter the code given to you by Charlie Fann - 5482.

This secret passage opens behind you.

Follow the tunnel to this position. Enter the hole in the wall.

Talk to Kevin Bradley. He tells you that the NSF leader is in a secret room to the south. You earn 25 skill points.

Sneak to this shack at the south end of the tunnel.

Smash these boxes to reveal an extended brick.

Here's the brick -- give it a press.

This secret room is revealed.

The NSF Leader quickly surrenders, giving up the Nano Key on the nearby table. You earn 100 skill points for finding the secret room and another 100 skill points for talking to the NSF Leader.

The NSF in this area will not fire upon you now that their leader has surrendered. Search the area for supplies then head to the extreme north end of the tunnel.

The tunnel access is behind the Men's room door. Use your keyring to open it. You earn a Progress Bonus of 100 skill points.

Venture through the tunnels to this area, where Alex warns you of booby traps. There are several ways to advance. You can pick the lock on the indicated panel, accessing a valve to turn off the steam on the right. You can also carefully stack the crates to block the steam as you go, but this is very tedious.

Alternately, you can use Multitools on this Control Panel to deactivate the lasers to the left.

My preference is to jump over the lasers with the help of a small crate and the Speed Enhancement. Scale the barrier in the background from the side to make climbing easier.

Beware this security camera and the single NSF patrolling the area.

Use your Riot Prod on the NSF to knock him out. Take the Nano Key which opens the nearby door.

We're going to bypass the lasers this time by climbing into the indicated vent.

The vent opens onto this pool. Time to go for a swim! Dive through the indicated opening in the floor.

The swim is short so you shouldn't need to activate your Aqualung. Climb a ladder and emerge in this area. Proceed through the indicated opening, but beware the two security bots patrolling beyond.

Sneak to that hole in the wall on the right. You can then emerge from the hole farther down the hall.

Lie low until both bots are headed left, then dart across to the exit on the right.

You earn an Advancement Bonus of 50 skill points. Grab the Multitool ahead and read the Data Cube to learn the login "etodd" and password "saintmary." Don't miss the lockpick on the nearby crate.

Pass through these doors and Alex advises that you are entering a helibase terminal. He also mentions an elevator you can take to ground level and that you should veer east.

Carefully enter the helipad. There is a security camera directly above the doors. Alex calls your attention to the Ambrosia barrel ahead, and asks you to find the other two missing barrels. You are awarded 100 skill points for entering the helibase.

Take this corridor on the left. There are two offices to search for supplies. NSF patrol the area, and they will enter the offices so be quiet.

Inside the first office is this multitool.

Inside the second office is this lockpick and a Bioelectric Cell.

Upstairs is this locked door which you should ignore. It leads to the helipad, but there are cheaper ways to proceed.

Instead, unlock this door around the left, being careful to avoid the patrol.

Inside is this NSF. Knock him out with your Prod then hack the security terminal on the right. Disable all three security cameras.

Read this Data Cube and learn that the other two Ambrosia barrels are being shipped by boat and by plane. Note the curious switch behind the plant.

Press the switch and this bookcase slides open, revealing a secret room. Enter to earn an Exploration Bonus of 75 skill points. Pick up the Augmentation Upgrade Canister, the Range Weapon Mod, the Prod Charger and the LAM.

Head back downstairs and cross the lobby area to the steps on the other side. The camera has been deactivated so this shouldn't be too hard. There are two bathrooms to the left of the stairs with nothing of interest.

Use your Prod on the patrol and search his body for some tranquilizer darts.

Swipe this Bioelectric Cell.

Hack the ATM for c375 then quietly proceed through the unlocked door visible here on the right.

You are now on the helipad. The area is heavily patrolled by NSF. Your best bet is to immediately crawl under the railing on the right and drop to the floor below.

Stay in the shadows and the patrols won't see you. Our destination is the far corner behind those shipping crates.

Time for a swim! Open this manhole cover and enter the sewer below. Alternately, you could proceed down this hallway (inset) to an elevator, but the swimming path is far stealthier.

Swim to this area. Climb that ladder on the right.

Activate your speed enhancement (alternately, move a smaller crate to boost yourself) and leap from this crate to the tunnel ahead.

You'll spill out here. Alex informs that this is the La Guardia terminal owned by Juan Lebedev. You are ordered to locate and kill him, and are awarded a Goal Accomplishment Bonus of 100 skill points

Use your Prod on the NSF patrolling the docks. Search his body for the East Gate key. Note the Ambrosia container in the background. Alex tells you the final barrel may be on Lebedev's Jet.

These two crates hold a Bioelectric Cell and a Multitool.

Pick the lock on this trailer to find some tranquilizer darts. The other trailer holds 12 gauge Sabot shells if that's your thing.

This area crawls. Carefully make your way to this ladder near the south gate.

Climb the shipping crates. You don't need your Speed Enhancement to make this jump, but it is much easier with it on.

Here's your reward. Inside these crates you'll find a multitool and a lockpick.

You'll need your Speed Enhancement for these next jumps.

Turn around and you can see your immediate goal. There is another crate just visible ahead. Jump across.

Inside the crate is an Accuracy Weapon Mod. Descend the ladder upper-right.

There's the east gate straight ahead. Your Nano Key we picked up in the boat house will open the indicated lock box. Activate the switch to open the gate.

Veer left and enter this door. Alternately, you could stack the crates and enter the open window facing the gate, but that is very tedious.

This single guard on the lower level is easily knocked out with your Prod. Search his body for the Security Tower Key.

Note this protruding brick. Give it a push to reveal a secret room beyond. Inside is the Barracks Key, a Scope Weapon Mod and a lockpick. The metal floor is loud so be careful.

Unlock the door on the left with your Barracks Key.

There are four foot lockers in the room, including this unlocked one near the door with the hangar code, 5914. Inside the other locker near the door is a LAM. The locker on the left of the window holds a Multitool and a Bioelectric Cell. The locker on the right holds cigarettes and darts -- save your lockpick.

Enter the code 5914 and pass through the hangar walkway. You earn an Advancement Bonus of 50 skill points.

Here we go. That's Paul at the base of the stairway. He tells you that he's ordered the troops to stand down -- he's working for the NSF!

Paul claims to have proof that the Gray Death is a manufactured virus used by UNATCO to blackmail the world. A man named Tracer Tong in Hong Kong is working to produce Ambrosia independent of UNATCO.

Before boarding the 747, check the area. This worker offers to sell you his wares - nothing of interest to a stealth player, though.

Paul has ordered the NSF to welcome you. You are safe in this area.

Bust open the first crate for an Accuracy Weapon Mod.

Ascend the stairs to the 747.

Ascend these stairs to the upper level.

Snatch the Private Quarters Nano Key.

The private quarters are downstairs on the main level, toward the rear of the plane.

Pick up this Assault Rifle in the conference room on the right.

Find Lebedev further back and talk to him. He immediately surrenders then tries to convince you to join the NSF.

Anna Navarre shows up and orders you to either kill Lebedev or leave. You can kill Lebedev, you can even kill Anna. But what many have pondered is, do you have to kill either of them?

The answer is, no you don't. Here's a suggestion to block Anna's path with a metal crate from the hangar. Alternately, Equip the assault rifle you picked up in the conference room and fire at Anna. If you are careful you can damage her just enough so that she cloaks and runs away. You should also equip any armor you have to protect yourself from her return fire, and don't forget to use any Medkits you are carrying. Accomplishing this no-kill scenario is tricky but certainly do-able.

Return to Lebedev and learn the truth about your parents. Talk to him repeatedly to get the full story.

Still cloaked, Anna will intercede in the dialogue. Don't worry, she is out of ammo.

Read this Data Cube under the bed to learn of a suspension crate code 9905.

Descend these stairs.

Replenish your power supply with the Repair Bot.

Here is the third Ambrosia canister. Alex congratulates your good work. Enter the code 9905 into the keypad at the base of the suspension canister visible in the background. Inside is another augmentation canister.

Exit the jet and Gunther orders you to the helipad. You are given credit for the Lebedev assassination, even though you didn't carry out the order.

UNATCO now controls the airbase, and you are free to move about. This switch opens the East Gate once again.

Proceed to the helipad at the Northeast end of the base, stopping to talk to Gunther about Paul. Board the helicopter to talk to Jock and complete the level.