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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 19: Face of the Demon

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Mundus will destroy the roof that you're standing on at the beginning of the battle. Angel lift your way towards the next platform and wait for Vergil to throw some spectral knives at Mundus.

Use Angel lift on the Knives to climb up Mundus' enourmous body.

Once you get to the top of his head use Demon pull to get his eye open.

Use Demon pull at the car and make your way through the building. Vergil will kick open doors while you use Demon pull on larger obstacles.

When you reach the office area, use Eryx to smash the red crystal and Arbiter to smash the door on the other side. Mundus will then capture Vergil.

Run as fast as you can and use Angel lift on the metal bars to get to anothe platform and away from Mundus. Of course he'll follow you.