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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 14: Last Dance; Boss Battle: Mundus' Spawn (Lilith)

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Quickly head towards the right side of the ugly shi-- I mean Mundus' Spawn. You'll see a small hand holding a blue eye. Use Angel lift to get Dante to level with the eye and start attacking it with Rebellion and Aquila. I found that Aquila made the baby miss me whenever it tries to attack for some reason.

After dealing enough damage to the eye on the left side the "baby" will open the eye on its forehead. Can I just comment that how the hell did this thing become so ugly when Vergil and Dante look so handsome? Must be the angel genes...

Once again use the Angel lift to get up towards the baby's third eye and start smashing it with Rebellion or Aquila. A mixture of the two works too.

Keep on attacking the eye until it closes and you'll have to attack the eye on the right side again and continue attacking the middle eye once it opens.

After you deplete its HP bar it'll fall down and you can use Demon pull on Lilith's legs to force her out of the baby.

Once Lilith is out throw everything you've got at her, keep attacking her and she'll eventually get sucked back into the baby and it will get up on its feet again.

This time you'll notice that the hand isn't showing the eye anymore and is now glowing red. Use Demon pull on the hand to get it to show the eye again and use Angel lift to get back up into the air.

Once again you'll need to start attacking the eye and deplete the baby's HP until opens the middle eye.

when it opens its eye again move towards the head and keep attacking it until the eye closes at which point you'll have to go back to the side and use Demon pull at the hand again and Angel lift back up to start attacking the eye.

After the baby falls down again use demon Demon pull to force Lilith out of the baby and start attacking her. Once again the baby will get up and put her back inside.

The battle won't really change at all at any point. Just continue using Demon pull when the hand is red then use Angel lift when the eye is exposed. Repeat this until the baby falls again for the third time.

Now pull Lilith out again and start attacking her. The baby will pull her back inside one more time and you'll have to repeat the process again.

This time the baby will be a bit harder to hit since it will teleport around the area making it harder for you to spam attacks at it. Once you damage him enough he'll fall down one last time.

Pull Lilith out again and land the finishing blow on her to end the battle. This is seriously the most repetitive boss battle ever. It got pretty boring really quickly and I just wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.