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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Boss Battle: Bob Barbas

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As soon as the battle starts get near one of the buttons on the floor and use Eryx to smash the red button on the floor (E+jump+F). This will send Bob Barbas into a coma state in which he can't attack you.

He will attempt to attack you though so you may not be able to land a hit on the red buttons so quickly. His most annoying attack is sending out a force field in which there are some green windows. The windows are actually the safe spot on the wall where you can enter to dodge the attack.

Second is a green light wave which you can easily avoid by double jumping at the right time.

Once you get a chance perform a smash attack on the button.

If you manage to hit the red button Bob Barbas will turn blue and stop moving for a while.

Hurry and run up to him then proceed to attack him wth Rebellion as quickly as possible.

Once you get his HP down to a certain level he will attempt to attack you with a red force field. To dodge it just get away from the area, you don't need to be too far from him, just enough so that you aren't within the vacinity of the attack.

After dodging it continue attacking him again. Once his first HP bar is depleted he'll fall back and his eye will glow with the Angel lift mark. Use Angel lift on it to get sent to a different area.

Once you get inside Bob's eye, the view will change and you'll be forced to kill some Stygians in a very awkward camera setting. Nothing too hard though except for having to listen to Bob lie about you while you kill demons. Wait for Bob to finish his reporting and you'll get sent back to the news room.

He'll be furious of course.

This time you'll have to hit 2 buttons before you can send him into a coma state. So run around and dodge his attacks and try to hit 2 buttons as fast as you can.

Once he gets into coma run up to him and start attacking him. Deal as much damage as possible remember to dodge the red force field that he summons.

After once again depleting his whole HP bar his other eye will have the Angel lift mark. Use Angel lift on it to get sent to another news camera world.

This time it's the Virility factory, kill off all the demons while you wait for his reporting to end. Once it does you'll get sent back to the news report room.

The third time you're sent back to the news room things will get ugly. Bob is now more aggressive than before and he will continuously get in the way of your hitting the buttons.

Make your way around the vacinity and hit 2 buttons, be careful with your HP. Bob is actually the hardest boss in the game. At least in my opinion. Just make sure to jump and dodge your way out of everything. Every time you get hit by his attack it slows you down and the buttons will reset before you can hit the third one.

If you're having a hard time reaching the third button before the buttons reset then go into devil trigger mode. This will allow you to move faster than Bob hence making it easier to get there without getting hit by his attacks.

Once you finally get him to go into a coma state, start attacking him as fast as you can. you wouldn't want to risk having to smash the buttons again I hope.

After you've depleted all of his health Bob Barbas will fall.

Dante will also gain his second angelic weapon. I don't know how the logic works of how you get an angelic weapon from a demon but whatever we get a cool new weapon either ways.