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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 10: Bad News

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Make your way through the bridge and keep going until the tower breaks the bridge apart.

After the bridge collapses make your way down the broken pieces on the right side. You need to be quick as that light will continue breaking the platforms that you're stepping on.

Jump on towards the Angel lift marks to get to the other side. Don't stop moving.

Now hurry down the fallen train. This is the hardest part as the controls will cause Dante to zigzag walk. Keep running and don't stop or else the light will catch you.

Now make your way through the series of Angel lift marks. Land on the right side of the platform as the light will break the left side of it.

Quickly make your way through the series of Angel lift marks and into the Raptor news T.V.

Make your way through the white platforms until you get to the end.

Dante will automatically jump inside and break the screen.