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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 11: The Order

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As soon as you gain control of Dante you'll be pit against a group of Stygians. This is a crash course on using Aquila. Personally I think Aquila is a more superior weapon than Osiris. It can even be overpowering due to its ability to stun opponents and act as a Demon pull for multiple enemies. Anyways this is solely based on my opinion, you can continue using Osiris if you like.

After killing off the Stygians a new enemy will appear, The Butcher. This guy is probably the hardest one to kill especially if you don't know what you're doing. Unlike the Tyrant its weakpoint is the orb on its belly. Meaning you can only attack it from the front.

I recommend you stay as close to this guy as possible. His short range attacks are so much easier to dodge than the long range ones and you can also deal a lot more damage. I would suggest that you stay close to it and keep attacking it with Rebellion, then dodge away when it tries to retaliate and quickly get back to attacking it after you dodge its attack.

Alternatively you can also use Arbiters launch ability to deal some damage to it at long range. He'll attack you with similar attacks though and it's hard to dodge.

Once it goes into rage mode keep away from it. It will explode soon after that and kill itself off.

Stygians will appear after you kill the Butcher. Just finish them off quickly with Aquila and Rebellion.

Make your way up the rafters and towards the door that's blocked with blue vines.

Use Aquila to destroy it. Press and hold F+Q to do this. This attack can also stun opponents or rather trap them inside a vortex that would take them a while to get out of. Pretty useful for pairs of mid-level demons like Rages and Ravagers.

Jump towards the new opening and smash the crystal that's blocking your path. Inside the room there's a Divinity Statue, use it if you need it. Then smash the crystal on the floor to get to the lower floor.

Use Aquila to destroy the vines on the door and use it again to destroy the vines parallel to where you're standing and take the Vital Star inside the room.

Jump down through the hole and turn towards the back of the room. You'll see a lost soul hanging on the wall. Eliminate it then smash the crystal blocking the door and a cut scene will play.

After the cut scene head towards the direction where the people came from and you'll find another crystal on the ground. Use Eryx to destroy it and get to the lower floors.

On the lower floor you'll find another crystal. Use Eryx to smash it again and you'll find a Butcher trying to open a large metal door. Head down to the floor and you'll be attacked by demons.

The enemies will be 4 Stygians and a Butcher. Take care of the Stygians first to make the battle easier. Then proceed to keeping the distance between you and the butcher to a minimum and keep on attacking it with Rebellion until it goes into rage mode. Get away from it once it does to avoid getting caught up in the explosion.

The second pair of demons will be a Witch and a Tyrant. You'll also be taught how to use Aquila as a binding tool. Use it on the Witch to destroy her shield and take care of her first. The Tyrant will be easy to kill on its own.

Follow the SWAT team through the doors as this is the only way you're going to get inside the building.

At the large circular room turn to the left and you'll see a lost soul hanging from the wall. Now wait for the SWAT team to stop talking.

After they do you'll be attacked by some Bathos and Stygians. They're easy enough to kill nothing too hard. Take care of the Bathos first then kill the remaining enemies with the Rebellion and Aquila or Osiris.

Use the Aquila to clear up the vines on the path above the metal door, then use Angel lift to boost Dante up to the ledge.

On the next room you'll be attacked by some demonic shards. Keep shooting at them to destroy them as quickly as possible.

After the shards some Bathos and Stygians will appear.. Be careful of the Bathos the room is small and you may get hit by the bombs.

After you get rid of the Stygians and the Bathos, a pair of Ravagers and Pathos will appear. Eliminate the Pathos first then proceed to focus on the Ravager. Aquila is useful here. Use it to trap one of the Ravagers in a cyclone while you take care of the other one. This will make the battle a lot easier.

After you eliminate the last of the demons, head down through the exit and into the Order's headquarters.

You'll see a wall marked with the Arbiter symbol inside the headquarters smash it and kill the lost soul inside it. Then smash the wall next to the lost soul. And smash the crystal in front of it with Eryx.

Head for the Divinity Statue at the end of the corridor and take a left at the end. Turn left as soon as you enter the room and you'll find a Devil Star. Now head down the stairs and wait for the SWAT team to open it.

Inside the next room you'll be attacked by a group of Stygians and a lone Butcher. Take care of the Stygians as quickly as possible while avoiding the Butcher.

Once you've killed all of the Stygians, focus your attention on the butcher. Attack him and dodge when it's needed.

Once his belly orb turns red you may need to hit it one more time to kill this guy. Use Rebellion's drive to hit him and dodge him when he's about to explode.

A new type of enemy will emerge soon afterwards. It's quick and will block all of your attacks. The only way to hit it is to dodge its attack or parry it.

It will also disappear into portals and attack you from behind. Very hard to dodge. But this is also your best chance to land a few hits on him. You can either dodge his attack or parry it and counter with a couple hits of your own.

It will run after you deal enough damage to it.

Now head inside the room and you'll find Kat.