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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 15: The Trade

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After you regain control of Dante hurry over to the back of the car and use Angel lift to get on the back of the car and jump on the crate beside it.

Use Demon pull on the crate in front of the car to pull it out of the way and let Vergil's car pass through.

Get on top of the car again and on the crate with a red crystal on it, you're gonna have to smash the crates down.

You have to smash the crate thrice to get it to fall down and allow Vergil to drive through unscathed.

Now follow Vergil's car by using the Angel lift marks scattered across the cranes.

God damn it Vergil can you be anymore reckless in driving. Eliminate the Stygians and the Ravager as quickly as you can and make your way to the other side of the room.

Use Demon pull to remove the propeller from the contraption and allow Vergil to pass through unharmed.

Now continue following Vergil by using the Angel lift marks that are on the street lamps and stop lights.

Vergil will get in trouble again, of course. Use Demon pull to align the bus correctly and use it as a path to get to the platform on the right side.

Quickly kill off the Stygians that will appear and jump towards the platform that's holding the bridge.

Use Eryx to smash the crystal and allow Vergil to pass through. Dante will automatically jump on the back of the car and the level will end. Mundus is not happy.