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Dishonored: Brigmore Witches DLC Walkthrough A Stay For Execution For Lizzy

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Make sure to bring as much Sleep Darts with you as possible, if you've previously played the Knife of Dunwal DLC then I would assume you can bring at least 13. After the assassin tells you all the information that you need, drop down near the sewer pipe, then head outside.

From there you'll see a set of stairs, or at least were a set of stairs that's broken. Use it to climb up, you won't be able to use your magic because of the overseer music.

When you start walking on proper stairs, you'll know that you're near the gate. Crouch down then continue to make your way up, don't worry about the guards they won't see you.

Climb to the top, then turn left and climb up on the ledges. When you get to the second one, climb up on the iron bar right beside the speaker and get up on the stone fence of the prison.

From there, drop down and make your way around the catwalk all the way to the other side.

On the far left corner of the yard, you'll find a metal beam that extends from the catwalk towards the shed at the middle of the yard. Walk on the beam, then jump on the shed's roof.

Drop down behind the guard that's reading the accusations and either kill him or knock him out, then quickly take out your sleep dart and shoot the guard that's executing the prisoners.

After eliminating both of the guards in the yard, open the door on the left side of the platform and use your spy glass to zoom in on the guard that's on the platform on the upper right side, make sure to shoot his head and knock him out.

Now take care of the guard that's right in front of the door, then dump his body at the side of the stairs and proceed up the stairs.

You'll immediately spot 2 guards that are patrolling the bridge. Use your spy glass again and snipe them with the sleep dart.

Then head over to the platform that the first guard you shot was standing on. Don't flip the switch, just look to the right and you'll find a machine branded with "C.5.," climb on top of it and get on the pipe, then use that pipe to get to the gate, but don't drop down yet.

You'll find a guard who's standing in front of the guard post below. Wait for him to enter the room, then blink down and take him out.

Head back outside the guard post and continue moving forward, now you'll have a problem because of the ARC pylon. The power source is the wire that leads to the wall on the left side, blink towards it and take the whale oil before it can send electric charges at you.

Immediately on the left side of the whale oil tank for the ARC pylon, you'll see a platform marked with red lines. Climb on top of it and climb further up using the red pipe.

Now turn around and blink towards the pipe that's right above the control room sign. If you have Blink level 1, then you may need to walk a little bit more towards the end of the pipe.

From there turn left and blink towards the pipe that's nearby, again if you have blink level 1 you're gonna have to take care of your positioning, but you can make it. When you get on that pipe blink towards the pipe that's right in front of it.

Look to the right and use your lean, you'll see another set of pipes just beyond the wall. Use your blink to get to uit, it's a little hard to get the blink marker on top of it, just keep moving the marker around until you get it.

When you get there, lean over to the right side again and take out the guards that are patrolling both the second and the third floor of the cells.

Then blink towards the railing on the third floor and make your way to the last cell on the right side. The cell is open, enter it and take the guard post key from the table, then head for the path on the left side and open the door.

The location of Lizzy is random. She was on A21 on my first playthrough and D24 on the second. You can get lucky and find her with your Void Gaze, but if you can't then you'll have to go down and take a look at the guard's log book.

If you can't find her, then climb down the stairs and you'll find 2 guards watching the log book. Wait for them to finish talking then shoot them with the sleep dart and take a look at the log book.

After obtaining the location of Lizzy's cell, head back up the third floor, then make your way to the railing that you climbed on to get there and blink towards the pipe that you used to climb to the third floor.

Look down and shoot a sleeping dart at the guy that's patrolling the floor right below you. Once he's sleeping, drop down on the pipes on the left side.

From there blink towards the back of the garbage disposal and make your way to the door on the opposite side of the yard. Be careful not to walk around while the guards are looking towards your direction.

Once you're on the stairs, shoot the guard that's standing in front of the interrogation room, then quickly blink towards him and carry his body into the room.

Now head back out the interrogation room and turn right. Blink towards the stairs and climb up, then activate your Void Gaze and watch out for the guard.

Take out the guard, then head to the catwalk and get to the cell control system.

You'll find a mechanism on it with three dials. Basically you have to enter Lizzy's cell number and flip the switch on the right side to open her cell. For example the cell number is D24, then you'll need to turn the first dial to D, the second one to 2 and the third one to 4. Then flip the switch and the gate will open.

After opening the cell door, turn around and jump on top of the table. Shoot a sleeping dart at the guard who's patrolling near the stairs, then blink towards it.

Get near the door and use your spy glass to snipe the guard that's patrolling directly in front of the ARC pylon. Then blink to that side of the room and make your way up the pipes on the left side again.

Get back to Lizzy and enter her cell now that it's open. Talk to her, then release her from the bindings. She'll collapse and you'll have to carry her out. Luckily you can still blink even with the extra baggage.

Head back to the third floor and blink your way around the pipes again. This time you're headed out the prison, but you can still use the same way you used to get in.

The only difference is that this time you'll be taking the pipes on the right side instead of the left side of the gate. Head up the pipes and jump on top of the pipes that are running on top of the gate.

Look to the right and blink towards the pipes that are on the lower right side. Then crouch down and drop on the left side of the door (where you dumped the guard who was standing in front of the door.)

Go across the yard and up the stairs all the way to the top. Cross the pipes and use the red pipe to get on the platform with the yellow pipe on it. Then jump on the yellow pipe and drop down on the opposite side of the wall.

From there just make your way back down the stairs and head back into the sewers where you'll meet your assassins.