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Dishonored: Brigmore Witches DLC Walkthrough Choosing Your Mark

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The Brigmore Witches DLC starts immediately at the end of the Knife of Dunwal DLC. Daud meets face to face with the now masked Corvo. Equip blink as soon as the battle starts, you'll notice that the time stop effect of your blink does not work on corvo. Go ahead and blink behind him, then slash his back.

Be careful with his hits and try to guard against his attacks as much as you can and retaliate with some attacks of your own. If he pulls out a gun on you, just blink behind him and continue attacking. He'll die easily, and yes you will have to kill him.

After killing Corvo, Daud will wake up and realize it was a dream. Activate your Void Gaze and open the chest below Daud's bed. You'll find some ingots inside and a corrupted bone charm. Now corrupted charms only exist in this DLC, they're like normal bone charms except they have a consequence, or a condition for using them. For example the Zephyr charm increases your movement speed at the cost of taking more damage from enemy blows. So use these wisely whenever you find them.

Now head downstairs and don't talk to Thomas just yet, instead turn to the left from where Thomas is and open the chest. Interact with anything inside the chest and Daud will take his supplies.

Now talk to Thomas who's standing in front of a desk right under the stairs that lead to Daud's bed. He'll inform you of the situation. Once he does, accept his offer and agree to leave immediately.