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Dishonored Walkthrough The Loyalists

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Pickup the keys and exit the building

Blink across the street above the guards

Blink to the roof

Go to your room

Be careful, its full of guards

Use sleep darts to get rid of them

Read the note

Make your way downstairs to read the note for the secondery objective

Go and save them now

Get back to the roof and jump down on to the balcony

After you talked to them, you will need the bluprints, go down the stairs and wait for the guards to stop talking

Blink behind the guard and choke him, close the door after yourself so the other guard doesn't see the body, take the blueprints and go back

Make your way back and choose what you wish to do

Take an oil tank and fill it, take it to the roof to put it in place

Open the container and put the oil tank in

Go to the tower now

Use the flare launcher, while you wait for Samuel go back and buy anything you need, this is your last chance for that