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Dishonored Walkthrough Kingsparrow Island

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Go up the rocks

And up on to the tower

After removing the oil tank get your way to the sewer opening

Go and remove the oil tank and choke the guard

Go back and blink over to those boxes

When the guards aren't watching blink past them

Blink over the gate

This area is full of guards, choke him when he turns around and move the body, the less guards the better for you

Take a right and get up the stairs

Blink on to those pipes

Keep going, stay high until you get to the end of this wall

Blink down between the wall and stairs

Go in and choke the guard

Turn the valve then go down

After you wen't through that area you will see a guard just above you, jump to the ledge and choke him

Go up the stairs and be careful, there are 2 guards, 1 is patroling the stairs

To avoid being burnt to a crisp blink to that hanging part below

Wait for him to turn around and blink to him and choke him, loot him after that to get the key to the lift

Pull the lever and go up to the lighthouse

Choke the guard on the left, if you don't grab him and carry him away he will fall to his death

Wait for the other guard to turn around and then choke him

At this point, just take out your sleep darts, shoot the first 1, just behind him is another guard, shoot him with the dart too

Go up the stairs

You can kill him, or spare his life, he won't attack you, if you wish to spare his life, just take the keys and go past him

Open this door with the key you took, and save Emily