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Dishonored Walkthrough Return to the Tower

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Use blink to get up to the top

Blink past it over that railing behind it and remover the oil container to disable it

Go out and be careful, there is a guard up there

Go to the right side and on to the balcony

From it blink over there and remove the oil container

Blink up on to the edge

Blink over there

And from there go over that wall

Stay to the right side and keep going until you see that opening

Go inside of it and climb up, there are 2 or 3 guards in this area, you can take them out quickly

Get to the top and blink to that edge

From there blink in to that opening

Stay high and go to the right

Blink to the next chandelier

Blink down to that room, go inside and a remove the oil tank and then blink back up

Stay on the chandeliers and blink from one to the other

When you get to a point where there are no more chandeliers, blink to that small edge

Countinue to the left from the edge you just blinked on

Follow the objective marker, wait till the guards pass and blink up to the stairs

Go to the right and get back up as high as you can

After you blinked across a few chandeliers you will get to that door, go through it

Almost home free now

Slow down time then blink off of the railing down to the buttom before it can attack you

Blink down and remove the oil tank to disable it

Then climb back up talk to this man, he will inform you of a way to take down the Lord Regent without killing him, you need to go to the Lord Regents room and open his safe and take the confession

Go back through the door you came in and blink to the balcony of the Lords room, be careful, he might come out on the balcony

Choke him so you can open his safe in peace

Open the safe with the combination you got and take everything

Go back and play the confession

No go to the bottom of the stairs, take the key next to the door and exit through them

Blink back to the way you got in

Keep going back the same way you got in

Now, the faster way back, jump and blink in to the water

Swim back to Samuel and finish the mission