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Dishonored Walkthrough Eliminating the High Overseer

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After you get off, choke or kill the guard and keep moving, go right for the eaiser way.

Go forward

At the end of the street there are 2 enemies guarding the door, you can avoid them, go to that little ledge on the right.

From there blink up to the rooftop at the end of the street.

Go over there, use blink for an easier time.

You can go in and loot or keep going.

Jump down and go right through the alley.

Blink up that ledge just past the stairs

If you go down, there is a rune, from here blink over to that door.

Choke or kill the guard waiting and talk to Martin

After that use blink to get up there on the vents

Blink behind that small wall

Blink through that window

Be careful there's guards inside

Go down and follow the sewers

Go outside of that window

Go down and then get out of the window on the other side

Walk in through the front door

Take a left, and be careful, there is a guard there

One more left

Up the stair and mind the guard

Use blink to get on top of the lights

Decide what you wish to do with the glasses then blink back up

I decided to let both of them live

Follow them

When they go inside, choke the overseer and let the other one live, take the body and go back the same way

Follow the marker and drop him down in the chair

Use blink to get up and take the brand

After that, go outside through the window and stay high to avoid the guards

Drop down and use blink to get to the door

Choke the 2 guards on the right and as a thank you, you will recive a code to the safe in the bank

Blink over to the vents on the left

Blink to the roof, go down if you want to get the rune

Blink down and avoid the guard

Blink over the wall or go through the door, and get down to the boat and leave

When you get out you will get comfronted about your secondery objective (The man that was with the overseer that we saved and didn't kill)

Talk to them and go to sleep

Go down to the sewers