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Dishonored Walkthrough The prison

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After you eat the bread you will be able to take the key to open your cell

Walk up to the table to take the sword and a few coins

You will see a large room with 3 guards in it

Sneak up to the first and choke him by holding Ctrl

Take his body and hide it where you just came from

Repeat with the next guard too

Hide him behind the pillars because the 3rd guard will be back

Choke him too, but don't worry about hiding the body

Jump over the 2 walls

There are some supplies waiting for you here

When you open the door the right there will be a guard looking over the edge, choke him or kill him

After you get past the gate there will be a guard that is patroling so don't just run out

The explosives are waiting inside

Go back the same way you came in and the gate will be open now

When you enter the yard go all the way to the right

Wait for them to stop so they don't see you

Sneak behind the first guard and go behind the small wall to the right and wait for a chance to choke him

You can peek through the keyhole to see where the guard is

When he has his back turned to you, choke him

Some supplies will be waiting for you

Repeat the same from the last room

After that open the gate

Choke the first guard and wait for a chance to do the same to the other

Plant the explosive and take cover


For a bit there won't be anything to do in the sewers then to walk

Take note of what the rats can do

Just keep going forward

To avoid disturbing the rats and having them attack you, jump in to the water

Move the body and open the gate

Blink to the platform

Throw done a body to distruct the rats

And go to the other side so you don't jump in to them

Climb the chain

Be careful of the trap

Turn to your right and jump on to that catwalk

There is another trap just under

Disarm the trap to get explosive bollts

And the other one is on the same catwalk just over the pipe

Your weapons

Another trap

Brake the planks and go through the water

When you get out of the water it will be to the right

A clue on how to open the safe

The code is behind the bottles

Go back to the right side and climb the wall

Drop down

You can jump down on him and kill him by click the left mouse button when prompted or keep going down and choke him if you want to avoid all deaths

Here we go again

Catch up to the other guard and do the same

Stay to the left

When you get on to the pipes you will see there are 2 more guards in the area, just wait for them to look different ways and choke them both

There is a health potion and some coins on that small platform

Just keep going forward and dont stop

To finish the level walk up to him and agree to leave