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Dishonored Walkthrough Kaldwin's bridge

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Blink on to the roof and go right

Go inside and up the stairs

U need whale oil, there are containers just above you on the right side

After you are done with the ride blink down to the door

Use blink to get higher

In to that window

Kill or choke that guard, inside is a rune and go through the window on the other side of the room

Blink to the top of the roof

Blink down on to the guard post on the right and run up the bridge

When at the highest point blink to the stairs

From the stairs blink to the top side of the bridge

From there to the other side of the bridge

Pick them up and throw the in to the water through the opening

From this point, the fastet was is to jump in to the water, try and jump as close to the land as possible, then quickly blink out before the fishes start eating you

When you get out blink over the door and wall and go to the door

Blink to the right and follow that path

Blink to the vent on the wall and remove the whale oil

Simply go through the door now

Again, use blink to get up higher

On to that roof and from their keep going towards the objective

Blink up there and go in to that small opening

Stay high and go through that door

To avoid them blink in to that crawlspace infront of you

Choke him and pick him up, hold F while choking him to not let go of him, he might fall and hit his head on the counter and die forcing you to start from your last save

Blink across the rooftops and get back to Samuel

Samuel is just below you at this point, blink down and go to him to finish the mission