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Dishonored Walkthrough The Flooded District

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After you were betrayed you will start the mission without any gear, to get out pick up the bricks and throw them at the wooden barrier

After you picked up a sword and some potions go up the stairs

Wait for the moment when the guards aren't looking your way and use blink to get up and choke the first and then the second

From here jump in to the water and start making your way over those wooden platforms

Be careful of the river krusts

Stay in cover and blink to the other side

From there follow the objective marker

Go to the right and blink on to the vents

Get an empty tank and fill it up in the first machine on the left side, then go up the stairs on the right and put it in

Now that the stairs are down go follow them up

There will be 2 guards here, wait for them to leave then continue

Again you need an oil tank

Go to your right, brake those wooden boards and take an empty tank, then fill it up and put it in

Go down the chains to get your gear

On your way back up, stop at the around mid point and jump off

From there blink to that roof and follow the objective marker

Open the door, be careful, a guard will be on the roof, to avoid him blink past that area

Blink to the left roof

Blink behind him and choke him, then loot him and take the key

Blink to the door on the right and move on

Swim through the flooded area until you get to that small alley

Blink up to the roof

When the guard passes, blink to the small wooden bridge

From there blink in to the small room and then out the window

After that blink in to the open window

Wait for them to move away from eachother and choke them

Keep going forward, and blink on to the cabinet

You can stay a bit while the trainee is practicing or just blink through the open window

Once outside blink up to the open window

Blink up the bookcase as soon as you get in to avoid the guard

Blink up the stairs

From this point, slow down time, blink in, take the key and pickpocket Daud, then blink away before anyone knows what happened

After that blink on to the destroyed building

Blink to the window just below

Go down the chain to get to the sewers

Use the key to leave