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Dishonored Walkthrough Lady Boyle's Last Party

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As soon as you get off the boat you will notice the tallboy on the other side of the river

Stay on that side of the river till you get to the next bridge

Go past the guards and blink over the gate

After you get inside go right for the secondery objective or through the main door to continue on with you main objecrive

Once inside, walk around the place and explore it

After a while you will find Lord Brisby, he will ask you to not kill Lady Boyle but instead bring her to him

You need to go upstairs to look for clues, one way is to go to the area where there is food and drinks being served, and there is also an open shark on the table so its hard to miss, and wait for the moment when no guards are looking and go up the side stairs

Go up and be careful, this area is considered off limits to the guests so you will be attacked if seen

Go around the sisters rooms to look for clues, read their diary's you will get lots of hints at which one is which

Besides the diary you will find a love letter next to the diary of your target

Once you find out which one you are looking for, speak to her, use what you found out from the diary to get her away from witnesses

If you ignore her for a while she might go down the stairs in to the cellar making life easier for you, this way you don't need to avoid her guards while carrying her body

Take a right to get to the boat

Be careful when going down, as soon as you get near you will drop her on the floor, be careful to not let her fall and die from hitting something on the way down

After that, simply go through the door on the right and in to the sewers

Swim to Samuel, he will be waiting for you a bit lower down the river because of a tallboy standing near the original spot

Climb up and you are done here