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Dishonored Walkthrough Prologue

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After you leave the boat you will be greated by the Princes and she will ask you if you would like to play hidn and seek with her. You can agree or say no and just keep going.

If you agree to play with her, simply follow her down the stairs

She will start counting to 10 in which time you can find your place to hide

A good spot is just behind those pipes

If she sees you she will ask you to play again, you have the option to play again or go back to seeing the queen.

After she is done looking for you she will call you out of your hiding spot

After you are done playing with the princes, just go back up the stairs you came from

When you get back simply go forward to go to the queen

When you get to her she will ask you for the letter

Get ready for a small fight, the easiest way to finish it is to just shoot all of them

You will get overpowered

And the queen will get killed

She will give you her final words and a request to find and protect her daughter

Just after that the guards come back and you are blamed for what happened