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DmC Devil May Cry: Vergils Downfall Walkthrough Another Chance

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You'll notice that Vergil has taken on his DMC 3 look and that you're back at the same place you were in during the 1st chapter. Head for the building and demons will spawn, press V and summon your doppelganger.

The doppelganger will mimic Vergil's attack patterns, it's especially handy in taking out a large group of demons or a pair of high class demons like knights and ravagers.

After killing the demons head for the right side of the platform and cross towards the next platform and onto the platform with the fountain.

From there you'll have to solidify 2 platforms. Wait for the first one to turn around and have the flat side up, then throw a dagger on it and quickly jump towards it. Throw a dagger on the next platform and jump on it too, then jump away from it and climb up the stairs.

Head inside the building and make your way to the end of the corridor, then turn right and exit the building.

Use Demon pull to create a platfrom that you can use to jump towards the next platform.

A witch will appear as soon as you get near the large platform. Attack it with summoned swords to break its shield, then kill it and lay waste to all the demons that will spawn. A short precaution though, be careful when using Angel lift in this area, you could easily Angel lift towards an enemy that is floating in midair and fall into the depths. The battle itself isn't hard, most of the damage you'l receive is from falling if you're as rabid as I am.

After killing the demons head for the ledge and teleport towards it by using Angel lift. Head inside the corridor and drop down on the hole at the end of it.

Head to the left and the floor will break apart, quickly followed by demons spawning. Don't jump towards the next platform, stay where you are and the demons will come to you. It's easier to take them out on the first and last platform since you only have 1 ledge to fall off on.

Head into the next corridor and use the divinity statue if you need it. Then turn right and follow the corridor to exit the building.

Outside the building a Rage will come and attack you. Rages are quick. You can't hit these guys with summoned swords, although Angel lift does work on them. Get close to it and start slashing it, launch it in the air with F to keep it from attacking you.

Take care of the filler demons and 2 Rages will come and attack you at the end. Focus on killing one of them and the one that's left will go into rage mode.

When a Rage is in rage mode, it's not like the Ravager or the Tyrant which are invulnerable while in rage. Keep away from the Rage and keep shooting summoned swords at it until the rage mode dies down, then take care of it like a normal Rage afterwards.

After killing the demons, use Angel lift on the platform right in front of the building that you came from. You need to be quick as soon as you step on it cause those platforms will start breaking.

Use Demon pull to teleport the platform at the right side and immediately jump on it and solidify the next platform.

From there use Angel lift to get up on the surface of the larger platform, demons will attack you as soon as you step on that last platform.

Look towards the direction of the blue orb, then face a little to the right and you'll find another floating platform. Use Demon pull on it and use it to get to the next platform.

Exit the ruins through the open door on the second floor, then jump down towards the platform right in front of it.

From there, head to the opposite end and jump, then use Angel boost and Angel lift to reach the next platform.

Now throw a summoned sword at the clear platform to solidify it and use it to get to the next platform.

Head for the bridge and it will break down. You're gonna have to be quick about the next move: Solidify the platform and jump on it, then solidify the next platform and jump on that. From there turn left and use Demon pull on the platform, then jump on it.

Now head towards the blue orb and use the Angel lift to get inside it. Once inside head for the gate and it will once again shut itself up.

You're gonna have to fight one last wave of demons. The first of which is the hardest; Take care of the two Ravagers first, cause for some reason the Tyrant isn't very aggressive here. You can take the Tyrant out easier once the two Ravagers are down.

The next wave is a couple of Stygians and a pair of Rage. Take care of the Rage first since they're so much more dangerous than the Stygians could ever be. Summon your doppelganger if you're having a hard time.

The third and final wave is a group of Stygians mixed in with a lone Imprisoner. Don't fret, it's not as hard as it sounds. Take out the Stygians first while carefully dodging the Imprisoner.

Once the Imprisoner is left alone, it's easy to kill. Just do take it on the same way you did back in chapter 4 and should go down relatively easy.

After killing the Imprisoner, the gates to paradise will open and Vergil will finally be able to leave. Sit back and watch how this DLC should have been called Vergil's Ascension instead of Downfall.