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DmC Devil May Cry: Vergils Downfall Walkthrough Hollow

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At the beginning of the second level, Vergil will unlock Yamato's angel mode. Press Q+ any attack combination to activate it. Angel mode has an attack called Rapid Slash, which is kind of like a second dodge and a more useful one.

After eliminating the demons, head over to the opened path and use Demon pull on the platform right in front of you. Then jump on it and use Angel lift to get up the next platform.

Use demon pull on the stairs and climb up and jump towards the Angel lift icon. Chain 2 Angel lifts to get to the platform on the other side.

Climb up the next platform and you'll be attacked by demons. Take care of the demons, then head for the door. Press shift+ W in front of the portal to enter it.

In the next area there's a divinity statue, purchase a small star and a large one if you can. Then take the judgement cut ability for Yamato, then head for the left side path and use Angel lift to get across.

Use Demon Pull on the next platform and get on top of it. Then use Angel lift, then Angel boost to get to the next platform and head over to the opposite edge.

There's a boost ring on the next Angel lift. To use it press Q+RMB to use Angel lift and get to it, then press space to boost yourself towards the next platform.

From there head over to the other end and you'll find two more boost rings. Use Angel lift and activate the boost rings to get to the platform that's up ahead.

Use Angel lift and get up on the next large platform. Head for the portal and a Ravager will spawn. Unfortunately Vergil doesn't have Dante's abilities, making the Ravager a little harder to deal with due to the fact that you can't break it out of rage mode.

On the plus side, Vergil can teleport so you can quickly get near the Ravager. The best way to kill a ravager is to use Angel lift to get near it, then launch it to the air with F and continue smacking it until it dies.

Take care of the rest of the demons and eventually a Ravager along with Stygians will appear. Focus on the Ravager first to make the battle a lot easier. Head for the portal once you're done.

After going through the portal you'll have to make your way to the next platform by using Angel boost.

On that platform Shielded Bathos will appear. Like in the original game, you have to take down the shield first before you can attack the Bathos. Use Demon pull on their shields then use Angel lift to teleport near them and attack them with Yamato.

After killing the first round of Bathos, it will reappear again this time it will have a wisp with it. Ignore the wisp and kill the Bathos first. When they're dead take care of the wisp, then enter the portal.

Go forwards and head for the large building at the end of the platforms.

Head for the open door and it will once again close on you. A couple of demons will spawn, including a duo of Ravagers. When dealing with 2 Ravagers, always focus on one and take it out before going after the other one.

Don't forget that you can also throw an enemy off of the edge and instantly kill it. After eliminating all of the demons, Vergil will automatically enter the building and a cutscene will follow.