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DmC Devil May Cry: Vergils Downfall Walkthrough Heartless

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Harpies will appear immediately after the level starts. Harpies are quick, you will rarely catch them with Demon pull, but Angel lift works extremely well on them. Use Angel lift to teleport near a harpie, then attack it.

Harpies also use long range attacks. Watch out for them when you head a high pitched sound, it's hard to avoid the spike when you're not prepared.

After killing the demons, climb up the stairs and jump towards the platform in front of where you are.

The platform on the right side is a little different from the ones you've seen before. It's a timed platform, meaning it won't stay solid after you throw a summoned sword at it.

Throw a summoned sword at the platform, then quickly turn left and jump onto the next platform before the one you're standing on disappears.

Make your way through the platform and jump towards the stairs, then enter the portal at the top of it.

Head around the path that runs underneath the rocks, then use Angel lift to cross the gap and get to the next platform where the portal is.

After arriving at the platform, demons will prevent you from entering the portal. You'll have to kill them all before you can reactivate the portal.

Climb up the stairs and use the divinity statue to purchase a gold orb and some vital star and upgrade your abilities if you need to. Blistering swords is a good choice for the next battle. Head for the tunnel afterwards.

Make your way to the end of the tunnel and slash it to break the wood that's blocking your path.

Head into the open area and you'll be attacked by demons. Eliminate them to open the path in front of you. Against the Harpie/Ravager combo, you should kill the harpie first so you don't get attacked while you're attacking the Ravager.

Head through the door after killing the last demon. Follow the path and you'll find another portal at the end of it, but there's a huge gap that you need to cross. Jump towards it, then use Angel lift followed by Angel boost to get to the portal.

In the next area, head forward and jump towards the first platform that you see at the end of the path. You need to go to the left side, throw a dagger at the platform and quickly jump on it and off of it. This platform is like the other one, it will disappear after a while.

The next platform is also the same, except this time you have to time your summoned sword in a way that the platform has the smooth side up. Jump towards it and immediately jump again, then use Angel lift to get to the platform right in front of it.

You will once again be attacked by demons as soon as you climb on the surface of the platform. Kill them, then proceed to the portal.

Don't attempt to jump across the gap, look to the right and you'll find a platform that you can use Demon pull on.

After teleporting the platform, you'll be able to jump towards it and use Angel lift, then angel boost to get to the other side.

Walk across the bridge, then look to the right and use a summoned sword on the platform to solidify it. Quickly jump across the platform and use Angel lift before it disappears, then head for the portal.

Cross the bridge and climb up the stairs, there's a divinity statue there. This is your last chance to upgrade and purchase items.

After preparing your skills and items, head to the left side and use Angel lift to climb up the next platform and keep climbing until you get to the graveyard.

Approach the tombstone and a witch will attack you. Witches have a shield that grants them immunity towards all of your attacks. You can only break this shield by repeatedly shooting summoned swords at the which. The shield will break eventually.

When the shield breaks the witch will be stunned for a while. Use Angel lift to quickly close in on the witch and start attacking it. Repeat this method until the witch dies.

Witches are probably one of the most annoying enemies to go against. Not only do they have the shield, they can also cast it on a different demon at the cost of losing it. If the witch casts the shield on another demon, take her out while you have the chance. Otherwise ignore her and save her for last.

After eliminating all of the demons in the graveyard, the tombstone will open, revealing a passage underneath. Climb down the stairs and head into the large room.

The Imprisoner is a semi-boss battle. It has a couple of attacks which aren't too difficult to dodge. The first is a fist slam, followed by thorned vines running through the ground. You can easily avoid it by dodging, then use Angel lift and land some hits on the Imprisoner, then dodge away again.

It will also hurl large rocks at you, you can smash the rock by slashing at it at just the right moment to break it.

If you get too close to it for an extended period of time, it will smash the ground and summon up spikes around it to damage you. Don't stay too close for a long time, basically do a hit-and-run routine.

After steadily dealing damage on it, it will go into rage mode. Don't approach it while it's in rage mode, you can't land hits and you'll just end up taking damage. Just run from it until rage mode dies down.

This battle also has environmental elements working against you. The thorned vines that the Imprisoner creates can damage you when you walk right into it. So keep the vines in mind when dodging his attacks. Another thing is that you can fall off of this area.

Keep attacking the Imprisoner until it dies. Don't be so greedy with hits, just hit him 3 to 4 times, then dodge away and wait for another opportunity. A cutscene will follow after you've killed it.