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DmC Devil May Cry: Vergils Downfall Walkthrough Personal Hell

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The game starts with Vergil arriving at Limbo. Head over to the platforms on the right side and you'll be given basic tutorials on jumping. Make your way to the platform with the fountain by jumping across the platforms.

Just like Dante, Vergil can also use angel boost to extend his jump in midair. Jump towards the next platform, then press Q + space to boost towards it.

Some Stygians will attack you on the next platform. Vergil is a little bit harder to use than Dante, he's faster but heavier to use at the same time. Attack the Stygians and take them down.

Unlike Dante, Vergil doesn't use guns. To make up for the loss of guns, Vergil has summoned swords which can be used like daggers to pierce opponents and do long range damage.

After eliminating the demons, climb up the stairs and enter the building. Follow the corridor and turn right at the end of it.

Dante usually uses brute force in order to move objects, Vergil on the other hand is a master of teleportation. Press E + the right mouse button to throw a red dagger at the collapsed corridor and teleport it in front of you.

Jump on it and make your way to the other side. on the third platfrom, press Q + the right mouse button to teleport up the ledge.

Head inside the corridor and drop down the hole at the end of it. Follow the path and you'll be attacked by demons.

The wisp is a new enemy that only appears in Vergil's Downfall. This guy can't be attacked by your sword when it's in spectral form. Press Q+ RMB to throw a sword at it and teleport near it.

After throwing a summoned sword at the wisp it will be forced to reveal its body. Attack it with your sword and Press Q+RMB again when it turns back into spectral mode.

After killing the first one, another wisp will appear, this time it will have a group of stygians with it. Take care of the stygians first before attacking the wisp. It's a lot easier to take on its own than it is with the stygians getting in your way.

"The path will open after you've killed all of the demons. Head into the corridor and you'll find a divinity statue at the end. Let's talk upgrades, for Vergil you should always upgrade the most basic skills for each mode. For example, if you're upgrading Yamato, upgrade the slasher ability to its maximum level first before upgrading anything else.

After upgrading your skills, turn right and leave the building. Once outside there's gonna be a small cutscene, when it finishes head left and follow the path. Use angel lift (Q+RMB) to teleport to the next platform using the demon.

Look to the right and you'll find a floating platform. Use Demon Pull (E+RMB) on it to teleport it in place. Then use the platforms and make your way to the other end.

When you get to the last platform. Press E and another Demon Pull icon will appear. Teleport the platform and jump on it.

Now jump off the ledge and chain 2 angel lifts to make it to the ledge on the opposite side of the platform.

Head out the door and drop down on the platform right below where you are. Some Pathos will appear, use angel lift to get near them and attack them with Yamato. Three hits should be enough to kill them.

After eliminating the first round of Pathos, they'll reappear with some Stygians. Take care of the Pathos first before attacking the Stygians.

A large rock will come and crash on the platform that you're on after you've eliminated the demons. Quickly run over to the other side and jump on the platform on the upper right side.

From there use Angel Lift to get to the next platform and run over to the end, then use Angel Lift again to climb up the ledge on the next platform.

Run towards the edge of the next platform and jump towards the blue orb. You probably won't be able to see it, but as you jump, activate Angel lift and Vergil will teleport towards an Angel lift mark. Keep using Angel lift until you get inside the orb.

Head for the gate and it will close, leaving you to deal with the groups of demons that will attack you. After eliminating the demons a cutscene will play.