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DmC Devil May Cry: Vergils Downfall Walkthrough Power Struggle

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After the cutscene, follow Hollow Dante. Use the platforms to get across the gap and climb up the stairs.

Use Angel lift to get up on the platform make your way to the end of it. You'll find Hollow Dante on top of the platform, but the path will get blocked as soon as you approach the pillars.

Vergil will then unlock Yamato's Demon mode. Much like in the main game, Demon weapons make vergil slower, but hit harder. A knight will appear, smash its shield with the Demon mode Yamato and kill it.

When against a group of Stygians and Knights always kill the Stygians first so they don't sneak up on you while you're trying to smash the knight's shield. Alternatively, you can also use Demon pull on the knight to leave them exposed.

After getting rid of the demons, get near Hollow Dante and use Demon pull on the train at the side.

After smashing the train on Hollow Dante, use and chain Angel lift to get across the gap and onto the next platform.

Follow the glowing white liquid on the floor and you'll find a train that's clear. Throw a summoned sword at it to make it solid, then use it to get across.

On the next platform, use Demon pull on the ceiling to bring it down, then use Angel lift to get up on the next floor. Keep following the white liquid when you get up.

When you get to the divinity statue, upgrade Divorce (Demon mode basic combo) to level 2. You're gonna need it later. Then continue following the liquid until you get to a large room.

Run towards Hollow Dante and the gate will close, forcing you to once again battle with the demons. You'll gain a new ability here. Press and hold the right mouse button and Vergil will summon swords that will spin around him.

After taking care of the Stygians, knights will appear. This is why you should upgrade divorce. Three knights will take too long to kill if your divorce is at level one, when you get it to level 2 it will only take 3 hits to destroy each of their shields.

The final wave of demons is a tyrant. This guy becomes a lot harder to beat without a gun. To kill him, wait for him to attack you, then dodge his attack and use Angel lift to teleport behind him. Slash him thrice, then dodge away and repeat the process until he dies. You can also shoot him with summoned swords, but it won't have the same effect as Dante's guns.

Once the gate reopens, continue following the liquid and you'll find Hollow Dante on the far end of the gap. Throw summoned swords at the train carts to solidify them, then use them to climb up to Hollow Dante.

Follow Hollow Dante out the door and into the open. Shilded Pathos will attack you as soon as you get outside. You can kill them the same way you kill Shilded Bathos, although you'll need to be quicker since crossbows can attack you in midair.

Eliminate all of the demons, but make sure that you have a lot of health left. Then head inside the building and turn right.

Use Angel boost to cross over the gap and continue making your way to the opposite side.

Use Angel lift to get across the gap and make it to the next platform. Then run to the edge and use Angel lift again to climb up the ledge.

You'll be attacked by a group of lower class demons, quickly take care of them while losing as little HP as possible.

The battle gets harder when the duo of knights and Ravagers spawn. Take care of the Ravagers first, but be very cautious of the knights, they can lunge at you and take a huge chunk of your HP. If you still have devil trigger bars left, use the spinning swords it helps a lot.

Head into the portal after eliminating the demons. Now throw a summoned sword on the platforms and use thos to get across to the other side.

Angel lift towards the feather and continue to make your way up and get to Hollow Dante.

Throw a summoned sword to solidify the platform and use it to get to the next Angel lift icon. A cutscene will play afterwards.