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DmC Devil May Cry: Vergils Downfall Walkthrough Own Shadow

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Hollow Vergil has the same set of skill that you do. This is good, since you'll have a rough idea of the limitations as well as openings of the attacks.

Hollow Vergil will use the basic skills, such as Judgement cut (dodge away to avoid), Summoned swords (can be deflected by an attack from Yamato at the right time), Teleport slash (dodge away to avoid) and the normal Yamato combo (attack with Yamato to deflect it). During any of these attacks you can dodge away and use Angel lift to get right back beside Hollow Vergil and attack him. If you're good at parrying, then that makes it easier. Just wait for Hollow Vergil to attack you, then deflect it and land a couple of hits on him, then dodge away to safety.

He can also summon 4 swords at the same time. This is also a good way of damaging him. Wait for the sword to be launched at you, then attack with Yamato and send it back.

After taking away 1/3 of Hollow Vergil's health, he'll start to use 2 new attacks which he'll use repeatedly until he descends back to the ground. The first is the homing swords which go around you. Dodge it by pressing shift as soon as the swords stop moving.

His second new attack is raining down gigantic summoned swords at you. This is a lot easier to dodge than the homing swords. Just dodge away from the light that appears on the ground and you'll be fine.

After spamming you with his attacks, Hollow Vergil will descend back to the ground. Dodge his attack, then Angel lift towards him and start attacking him with Yamato. Do a three hit attack on him, for some reason if you stop attacking him after the third hit, then attack him again with three more hits, he'll recover slower, allowing you to put in more damage.

When only 4 bars of his HP is left, Hollow Vergil will go back to floating again and attacking you with powerful attacks. The homing swords will be faster and the gigantic summoned swords will multiply, sending down 4 swords at the same time. He'll also attack in a more random pattern, anyways you can still dodge them the same way.

When he descends back on the ground, find a good opportunity to parry his attack and do the three hit combo with Yamato. He should go down without ever recovering from the parry.