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Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough 9. Royal Gardens

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Start off with an MMT and a blockade at the shown possition.

Make 3 blockades and an MMT right if front of the middle crystal.

MMT and blockade here.

A blockade and a fireball tower over here.

Fireball tower and a blockade on the opposite side.

I had 80 mana left, so i put a fireball tower right next to the middle crystal.

After the first wave, I put a lightning tower on the grass wall.

Another one on the opposite side.

Then i put a fireball over here.

One on the opposite side.

After the second wave, i put a lightning tower at the shown possition.

A DST over there, facing the crystal (for incoming wyverns)

Another one on the opposite side.

And i start the next wave.

You could usually do the mission with all those towers, but i opted to build some more. I made...

...2 lightning towers.

Made a fireball tower.

Made another fireball tower on the grass bush.

And another one on the opposite side.

Made 2 fireball towers...

...on the grass bushes close to the crystal.

And i made a deadly striker turret facing the crystal.

I also made a last fireball tower.

This wave has an ogre.

The ogre managed to get stuck at my towers on the top over there, which is the first time it has happened to me. Hopefully you won't get the same bug.

If it does happen to you, either let him kill them or just sell the towers on the top and build them again later, since they are helpful in finishing the level faster.

Final wave also has an ogre. After you're done with him, there won't be much challenge in the mission.

This should be the end of the mission.