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Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough 8. The Throne Room

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Start off with two blockades and a fireball tower on one side.

Same on the other.

An MMT right next to the crystal, on top of the stairs.

With a blockade to support it.

A blockade and an MMT at the choke point over here.

And the same on the opposite side.

After the first wave, put a lightning tower on top of the stairs.

And 2 more on the...


Put a DST right behind the crystal, facing the other crystal.

Put a fireball tower over here.

Another one on the opposite side.

That's it for now.

After the wave, put a fireball tower on top of the stairs.

Two more fireball towers here and...

A lightning on the choke point.

One on the opposite side.

"You only have enough defensive units for 1 tower or 2 MMTs, i put another fireball tower on the side.

This mission you get two ogres, one on the second last wave and one on the last.

Repair your defenses while your towers are killing him, otherwise he might just destroy them.

And as you saw on the middle of the screen, it's another boss level.

Try to destroy the ogre and immidietly repair your towers because you will need them to have full HP while you're fighting the boss.

As the last time, you will have 15 seconds. Use them to repair and get mana.

Shooting him on the back right at this spot does the most damage to him. I did not opt to do it though since i had a crappy weapon at the time.

Try to get him to your towers, they should kill him pretty easily.

You will get two more items and an achievement.

You have completed the level, congratulations.