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Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough 7. Hall of Court

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Start off with 2 blockades and an MMT at the stairs to the back.

Do the same on the other side.

Another MMT and 2 blockades to the front.

And the final set of towers over here.

When you have the mana, start building a fireball turret to one of the sides.

Do the same on the other side.

After you're done put fire ball turrets...

...on the back.

Put a lightning tower on the showed possition.

And when you have the mana another one on the back.

Put an MMT behind the crystal, since wyvers do appear in this mission.

And just to be sure i put another 2 in front of it.

When you got enough mana, put 2...

...lightning towers to the back.

I put another 2 fireball towers to the front as well.

But i don't think it's really needed.

You could put a deadly striker tower (DST, heavy damage and single target tower, can shoot through walls) to protect the second crystal, but i don't think it's needed since the lightning and the fireball towers usually destroy almost everything.

And that nets you the level.