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Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough 4. Alchemical Laboratory

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Start off by getting most of the chests and putting an MMT over the stairs.

Put a blockade and a tower on the other side.

Another set over here.

Put another MMT over here and put 2 magic blockades, over here and...

...over here.

After the first wave, put a Lightning tower (press 9) behind one of the blockades...

...and another one behind the other blockade.

Place two fireball towers on the back, next to the MMTs.

After the next wave put a fireball tower behind the first MMT and... behind the other one. That should be all for the defenses for this level, but we have more to do.

Place fireball towers around the crystal, facing it.

I put up a total of five fireball towers.

And just to make the level a bit faster, i put up an additional lightning tower, but it is completely unneeded.

Make sure you repair all of your towers and magic blockades before the last wave.

It is fairly important you repair all of your towers, there are a lot of the exploding kobolds that will ruin your day if you don't.

After you're done, repair all of your things. And you read right, a boss is approaching.

You will have a total of 15 seconds to do it.

After the times up, the boss will appear. Strategy is to destroy the lightning rods with the blue HP.

Destroying four of them will stun the boss and deal damage.

I didn't manage to do so though, the five fireball towers we put should've killed him by the time you destroy the rods.

After you defeat the boss, you will get 2 items in your item box and a lot of mana will drop on the ground.

That is that with the laboratory.