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Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough 2. Foundries and Forges

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There's a chest right in front of you this level.

Start off by getting some mana and placing two magic missile towers over here.

Get enough mana and summon two additional towers on the opposite side of the crystal.

And in the end you should have enough mana for one more tower.

Try to kill as many enemies and take as much mana as you can this wave, you will need it for future towers.

After you're done, put another tower at the middle lane, next to the last one.

After you have 80 mana, go back to one of the lanes and press 8 to select the Fireball Tower and build it between the two Magic Missile Towers.

You should have enough mana for a second one on one of the lanes.

After you start the wave, again, try to get as much mana possible.

And build another fireball tower when you have enough mana.

After you're done with the wave, go to one of the lanes, press 7 and build 2 Magic Blockades in front of your towers. Special thing about magic blockade is that it removes enemy resistances when they get close to it, that way your fireball towers, which deal fire damage, will be able to hit even fire resistant enemies.

Put 2 more blockades on each lane.

You can win the level with what you have, but i decided to speed things around and build more fireball towers and magic blockades.

I put a total of four fireball towers and blockades.

Quick tip: You can upgrade towers by pressing 5. An upgrade costs 100 mana initially, but if you want to upgrade an already upgraded tower the cost will rise.

There is a special miniboss type of an enemy on almost every map, called an ogre.

I built additional towers for him after i checked where he's going on the map.

They are quite bulky, and deal a heavy ammount of damage into an area. They can almost throw fireballs.

Try to repair your towers.

But be careful, because if he hits you, you'll be close to dead.

You can heal yourself by pressing 1.

Also, by now you should have unlocked one of your abilities. The Apprentice's fire ability allows him to repair, heal, summon and upgrade towers faster. If you're having trouble with the ogre i recommend activating the ability, quickly upgrading a low health tower (upgrading heals them to full mana) and deactivating the ability, since it consumes too much mana.

That's it for the Foundries and Forges