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Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough 1. The Deeper Well

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When you beging, you can change your view from 3rd person to first person, or to an upside down strategic view.

Press and hold shift to open the map. Go to one of the chests to the left.

When you touch the chest, it will open and drop mana and sometimes items as well.

Notice your mana on the bottom left went up to 40.

For now you can't collect more than 40, since that is your maximum for this level.

Go to one of the stairs and press 6.

You will get to choose where to build the Magic Missile Tower (you can also press the middle mouse button for a menu with explanations of your abilities and towers.

When you get it in the possition you want, click and you will get to rotate it. After that you will summon it and it will destroy enemies for you.

Pickup more mana from one of the chests.

Build a second tower next to the first one.

After you're done, put 2 towers on the opposite side of the room.

When you're ready, press the G button. The Combat Phase will begin.

Enemies will come out of the doors and your towers will shoot at them. You have to kill all the enemies to progress to the next wave.

After you're done, you can press 4 to repair your defense.

When an item drops, it will be displayed as either red, yellow or green. Green ones are considered better than your equipment, yellow as probably as good and red is worse. Usually the system is quite accurate. When you view the item you can press F to equip it instantly (if you can) or press E to pick it up for later.

The next place you want to build a tower is up the stairs from where the two towers are. Make it face the purple circle (careful, enemies don't take damage if they are in the purple circle)

The next tower you want to build is on the stairs next to the other 2.

Another one on the other side of the room, next to the 2 on the stairs.

And one above the stairs.

After that, you should be ready to face the next wave.

Remember that you can always attack with your character if your towers are unable to hit the enemy.

After you're done, you should get to level up.

I put one point in Defense Area of Effect (which increases the range your towers can shoot at) and one in Defense Damage.

You should be able to finish the mission with your current towers now, but i chose to build a bit more to be on the safe side and make things a bit faster.

I build towers on the stairs primarily.

You will want to put another tower or two up the stairs as well.

Wave 3 should be as easy as the rest.

Next level you want to put a point in damage and in Tower Attack Rate (which increases the attack speed of your tower)

See that orc with the number 1 next to him on the door? That means that one orc will spawn from there the next wave.

2 at each side of the room. This is why we're making towers on the top.

Notice that with each level the maximum ammount of mana you have increases. It increases by exactly 20 with each level you gain.

The mana cap is 2020 when your character is level 100.

Remember to always repair your damaged towers after each wave.

"On future levels, priority of points you put if you're going for a tower build is like this: Damage -> Health (until you have around 40) -> Attack Rate/Range. Also get hero movement speed and casting rate from time to time since they are incredibelly helpful.

After you upgrade health, you will need to repair all of your towers.

After the final wave...

"...all of your towers will be sold and be added to your banked mana. Notice the mana on the bottom left just got a whole lot more. That is, because there are 2 types of mana.

After you pick up all the chests and...

...level up, press G.

It will show you the stats. Press on Next Level when you're ready.