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Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough 3. Magus Quarters

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Start off by getting all the chests in the room, there's 5 in the beggining and 4 after every wave.

Make a magic missile tower on each side the monsters come from.

Also, make one magic blockade per side while you're at it.

Try to collect as much mana as you can during the first wave.

Careful not to fall in the lava, as it kills you and you lose all of your mana in the process. Tip: If you fall in the lava during the build phace, you won't lose anything.

After you're done with the wave, make three fireball turrets, one per each side.

After that, make magic missile in the possition shown, facing the gate to the right, you will see why next wave.

Make another one over here.

After you have enough mana, make 2 more magic missile towers facing the last 2 you've created.

Like so.

After you're done, make 3 more MMTs (magic missile turrets), one on each side and 3 more fireball turrets, one on each side.

This wave has wyverns in it. Wyverns are flying beasts that go right to the crystal. That's why we built the magic missile turrets around the crystal.

I recommend building...

...four more MMTs around the crystal just to be sure the wyverns are not a big problem.

Make sure you upgrade as many towers as you can, as the last wave has an Ogre and a bunch of wyverns.

I recommend staying back and repairing while your towers are dealing with the ogre.

Your towers will be damaged in the end, but you should be able to take care of him...

...and the whole mission right after.