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Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough 10. The Ramparts

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Start off with 2 blockades and an MMT at this location.

Build an MMT on the top of the building, it would help against wyverns a lot.

A blockade and a fireball tower on the choke point over here.

Two blockades and a fireball tower down here.

A DST next to the crystal, facing it.

That would be it for this wave.

When you got the mana, make another DST next to the last one.

When you have the mana, build a fireball tower over here, needed as the MMT can't take care of everything by itself.

Build a DST next to the MMT (it shows that i'm building the MMT because i accidentally sold it)

A lightning tower and a fireball tower on the bottom.

A lightning on the choke point.

And another fireball there when you have the mana.

When you have the mana, another fireball on the bottom.

A lightning and a fireball tower over here when you can. You should be able to after the wave.

You should be able to complete the mission by now. I chose to build another lightning and...

...a DST on the bottom.

I spent the rest of my time AFK making popcorn, your towers should be able to handle the rest of the level.