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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Interval 01: Prison

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Get out of the room and follow the corridor.

Open the gate and continue going to the left.

Stab the guard and take his gun.

To the left there'll be a locked gate. You can shoot or stab the lock to get it open.

Get rid of the guard ahead.

Pull the lever to open the gate.

More guards will appear. Take them out and continue forward.

Up the stairs you'll find more guards. Kill them all then go through the door at the end of the corridor.

Jump over the crates.

Crouch past the obstacles.

Open the gate on the left then in through the first door on the left. You can kick open doors with the melee key.

The place will be filled with guards. Make your way to the other end of the area.

Through the door with the green light on top.

Open the gate, get to the end of the hallway

Hold E in front of the body, then open the gate and go through.

Open the next gate and keep going.

There'll be plenty of thugs ahead.

Stick to the left hand wall and you'll find a staircase. Climb up and be ready to fight some more guards.

Go across the walkway to the other side.

Through the path on the left and down the stairs.

Pull the lever on the right to open the gate.

Enemies will appear. Take them out then continue through the gate behind them.

Enter the room to the left. More guards ahead.

Go through the door at the other side of the room then keep going to the end of the hall.

Plenty of guards will be ahead.

Finish off the enemies in the kitchen then go inside.

Walk up the stairs.

Kill the remaining guards.

Pull the lever to open the gate beside you. It may take longer to open than the previous gates.

Shoot all the enemies on the walkways.

Go into the gate with the red lights at the sides.

Down the stairs, through the door at the bottom.

Go through the first gate then through the second and third one on the right.

Walk up the stairs. Crouch to avoid the flames.

You'll come up to another walkway full of enemies. Make your way forward to the far side of the area.

Go down the stairs.

You'll see an open cell door. Go inside.

Crouch into the hole on the wall.

You'll find more guards outside the cell.

Take the stairs down, to the right.

Eliminate all the remaining enemies.