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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Interval 07: Port

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Advance through the cargo area killing the demons in your path.

Climb the stairs next to the plane.

Follow the trails of blood on the floor.

Take the exit door on the right.

Kill the enemies in the area ahead.

Enter the coffee shop and proceed through the kitchen.

Open the door on the left and go upstairs, through the exit door.

Keep fighting your way forward, through the door on the fast food locale.

Kill the soldiers, then drop down from the platform.

Continue through the door close to the seats.

Pass the exit door and through the automatic doors.

Go down the stairs, across the elevator and take the stairs on the right.

Carry on through the fast food locale.

Follow the demons to the next area and kill the enemies.

Continue going up the stairs and kill the remaining soldiers.

Through the doors into the executive club.

Beat the Phase commander.

Take the incoming soldiers down, then go through the door that they came from, across the smoke.

Jump over the crates, and drop down the platform, on the right.

Take out the soldiers and watch out for the snipers.

Go up the stairs to the left and grab the rocket launcher.

Destroy the chopper attacking you.

Continue through the busted grating and down the stairs.

Open the door and go left following the blue lines on the walls.

Through the exit door and go down the stairs.

Eliminate all the soldiers in the area, then use the stairs to get to the upper level.

Pull the lever to lift the door blocking the conveyor belt path and follow it.

Keep moving ahead and get inside the booth at the end, pull the lever to continue following the conveyor belt.

Lift the door up then continue forward.

Take the doors on the left and follow the path.

You'll have to fight off several enemies in the next area, including 2 Phase commanders. Using a shield is recommended.

Once they're dead, continue through the room on the left.

Follow the lines on the walls, drop down from the platform and go through the door on the left.

Press the button to open the gate. You'll have to hold off the demons while the gate slowly opens.

As soon as you can fit through, go in and close the gate.

Once the area is clear, carry on through the exit door.

When you get outside, hop into the mech on the left and move ahead. The gates will open automatically.

Destroy the enemy Mech.

Kill the 2 Phase commanders.