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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Interval 05: Tower

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Walk down the street.

Take the alley on the right and continue through the door.

Kill the soldiers in the area.

Carry on through the gate that opens.

Take the alley on the left near the end of the street.

Use the screen to open the gate.

Climb up the ladder.

Up the stairs and climb the next ladder.

Get to the street by jumping down on the balconies.

Clear the area off of enemies.

Two more soldiers will come in through a gate, take them out and go in.

Use the screen to open the gate and keep going through the alley.

Jump over the car and take out the enemies.

Open the gate and kill all the soldiers.

Use the screen at the end of the street, up in the platform.

You'll have to wait for the gate to open, so hold off the enemies until then.

Once it's done, go in and open the next gate to proceed.

Melee or shoot the lock to open the door.

Go through the next door.

Wait for the gate to open and jump onto the truck to get to the other side of the street.

Go around the barrier to the left and wait for the bus to sink so you can walk on top.

Jump down from the roof and proceed down the street.

Go inside the building through the door close to the police car near the end of the street.

The monster will attack you as you traverse through the building. Get to the end as quick as you can.

"Get through the revolving door on the right.

"The area will be full of enemies, including a Phase caster and a mech.

"There's a chest with beam weapons on the left end of the area, coming out of the revolving doors, should you want to use it.

"When the area is clear, continue through the half open gate and the 2 revolving doors ahead.

"Go outside using the green door.

"Get rid of the enemies while you make your way forward.

"Soldiers using shields will come out through a gate, take them out then use the screen to open the next gate.

"Grab the shield to block the incoming fire from the soldiers and turrets.

"Once you're done with them, go down the stairs behind and through the revolving door at the end.

"Continue left through the tent while destroying the soldiers.

"Go up the stairs and inside the building.

"Jump over the vending machines and follow the red line on the floor.

"Go out through the exit doors and kill the soldiers.

"Through the revolving doors, jump over the block and kill everything in your way.

"Jump over the fence and go through the container.

"You'll have to fight a Phase commander. Pay attention to where he's gonna appear next, don't let him get close to you, use your grenades and aim for the head.

"Be careful when you kill him, as he explodes when he dies.

"More soldiers and another Phase commander will appear.

"When the area is clear of enemies, your friend will come out of a container to the right of the gate, follow her through it to end the interval.