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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Interval 06: Bridge

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"Make your way forward going through the inside of the train carts.

"Continue through the train carts forming a bridge on the left side.

"Keep traversing through the inside of the carts.

"Go up the stairs where the soldiers were standing.

"Kill all the enemies.

"Jump onto the train cart and continue through it.

"Fight off the demons while moving through the carts.

"Proceed inside the cart through the door that the demon busted open.

"Go up the stairs.

"Drop through the railing and kill the remaining enemies.

"Go into the building and use the laptop to unlock the Mech.

"Climb onto it and use it to destroy the barricades.

"Cross the bridge, then murder your way through the highway.

"Remember to use your missiles against helicopters and mechs using G.

Eventually you'll have to get out of the mech to lower the bridge.

Climb the left tower and pull the lever to lower the bridge.

Get back up on a mech and destroy the barricades.

Destroy the enemy mech.

Continue walking toward the highway.