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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Interval 03: Store

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Move forward into the store.

You'll eventually find stairs at the end.

Cross the 2 ladder bridges.

Through the door and into the men's restroom.

Shoot the guy in front and go through the hole in the wall to his left.

Go out the exit door.

And then through the next set of doors.

Go up the orange stairs and make your way to the top of the shelves using the ladder bridges.

Drop down into the TV filled area.

Move along the path.

You'll reach a dead end and enemies will ambush you.

Take them all out and carry on through the door that they opened.

You'll eventually end up in the frozen foods section. Keep moving from aisle to aisle.

At the end of the second aisle, a shelf will start coming down as you walk past. Sprint to avoid being crushed.

Kill all the enemies in the area.

Break the glass and move ahead.

Through the exit door, press the green button to open the gate.

Continue along the halls to find another exit door with another closed gate on the other side. Press the green button to open it.

You'll meet new enemies with explosives tied to their chests. Keep them at a distance.

Go into the aisle to the right.

Climb the ladder on the shelf to the right.

Continue moving across the bridges.

Use the ladder or just drop down.

Go up the ramp and jump over.

You'll have to hold in this area until enemies stop coming.

The two remainig enemies will be pounding on a gate. Shoot at their chest to make them explode, opening the gate.

Press the button and go through.

Follow the monster through the meat locker.

Take out the enemies.

Up the orange stairs and get to the top of the shelves, then across the bridges.

Go up the ramp and drop down.

Survive the waves of enemies.

Soldiers will break down a set of doors. take them out and go in.

Kill the remaining enemies.

Press one of the 2 buttons to open the gate.