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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Interval 04: Suburbs

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Fight your way down the street.

Proceed through the garage to the right.

Take the stairs up to the top floor.

Drop down through the broken railing and keep moving forward.

Go up the stairs to the next floor and take the door on the right.

Drop down and fight your way through the yards.

Climb up the table and jump over.

Stand your ground against the waves of enemies.

Eventually a mech will show up. Be sure to use your grenades.

When they're all down, proceed through the broken down fence.

Take the stairs up.

Go around through the kitchen to continue your way upstairs.

Take the door in front when you reach the top.

Kill the guy and proceed through the door that opens behind him.

Jump downstairs.

Go up the stairs ahead.

Walk across the plywood path and drop down.

Kill the enemies, then take the door to the basement.

Survive the waves of enemies.

When you regain consciousness you'll have to hold out against some more enemies.

Once the area is clear, go over the busted fence and get into the Power armor.

Break down the door and go in.

Fight your way through the houses, breaking down the most weak looking walls.

Beware of mechs.

Keep going through the forest killing everything in your way.

You'll reach a fence that you can't go through with your power armor, so shoot the explosive barrel to bring the fence down, then get out of the mech and jump over.

Get through the generators, avoiding the electricity.

Go into the building and kill all the guys inside.

Press the button to open the gate.

You'll have to shoot the generators when they lit up to destroy the boss, while defending yourself against the enemies.

Once you beat him, go into the passage behind from where he was.