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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Interval 02: Slums

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Get to the end of the tunnel.

Go through the door.

Get to the other end of the walkway.

Open the door.

Keep going forward.

Jump over the railing and follow the tunnel.

Go up the ladder.

Jump down into the other tunnel and follow the path.

Up another ladder. There'll be guards ahead.

Make your way into the house at the end of the street.

Proceed through the door inside the house.

Take the bad guys out, then go up the staircase to the side of the truck.

Continue through the house.

Outside there'll be plenty of enemies. Get ready.

Kill all the soldiers in the area. The last one will come busting the door open at the top of the staircase. Get rid of him then go inside.

Go out the door and up the stairs in front.

Drop down the hole on the floor.

You'll find more bad guys outside.

Make your way forward.

Go upstairs and deal with the remaining guards.

Go through the door the guard opened.

More guards at the end of the path.

Into the door at the end of the street.

Ahead you'll find guards and a mech.

Go into the house on the right and up to second floor.

Grab the rocket launcher.

Destroy the mech.

Go into the alley to the left of the truck.

Kill the soldiers then head left.

Go up the stairs.

Go through the fence.

Watch out for the blue guy as he can spawn enemies and has a laser gun. Aim for his head.

Fight your way up from rooftop to rooftop.

Vault over the low wall.

Walk across and go up the ladder.

Up the second ladder.

Finish off the enemies left.

Get in the helicopter.