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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Gathering Storm Ascension

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You get to pilot the centar for this mission. Driving this thing is a lot of fun.

Go forward and take the road to the left.

Up ahead you will see a make shift barricade. Blow it apart. The centar has unlimited ammo, so you can reload as many times as you want.

Behind the make shift barricade you will find a boomer and some grubs. Take them out, and move a little forward.

To the right and up pretty high you will see a turret.

As you move a little further you will see a Reaver that lands in the road. Shoot it a couple of times to take it down.

If the centar is damaged after this battle, wait just a little bit and it will be repaired. Continue forward.

You will come to a jump. Hit the A button to get a bit of a run at it.

When you land there will be a building to your left. There are a bunch of grubs pouring out of it. Go ahead and take them out.

There is a turreted gun on top of the barricade. Take it out with a shot.

Continue forward and shoot the sheet metal barricades. Continue forward.

You will come upon a Reaver, a boomer and a bunch of grubs. Take out the Reaver with two well placed shots.

Then take out the boomer.

Finally take out the grubs. Roll forward a little.

On a little platform in the center of the building is a stationary gun. Take out the guy manning it.

Then blow your way through the next barricade, and roll forward.

You've got a jump to make a little ways down the road.

You will come to a frozen lake. There will be some mortars fired at the lake as you try to make you way across.

There is a path through the ice. The ice is slick so you have to move somewhat slowly, or you will slide off in to one of the holes.

Start by going to the left, and then to the right across the lake.

Here's another picture of the path through the lake.

When you are across the ice, there will be a couple Reavers to your right. Go ahead and take them out.

After you have taken out the Reavers you will have to go across another lake. There is a path across this one as will. It's kind of shaped like a question mark and you start at the dot.

On the far side of the lake there will be a Reaver waiting. Take it out as you cross the lake.

Once you are across the lake, you will face three boomers. You can take out all three with a single well placed shot.

You will have a small jump here.

Then you will be attacked by two Reavers one at a time.

Continuing forward you will see a boomer way down there. Take him out and then move a little closer to the buildings.

You will find another boomer. There will also be a whole bunch of grubs.

Last but not least there will be a turreted gun. Take them out and then move forward.

Up the path a little ways are two Reavers. Keep going up the path.

You will have to take out another Reaver.

Then there will be two seeders on the side of the mountain. Shoot them each a couple times to take them out. The seeders really crank out the damage, so you will probably have to rest here a second for repairs.

As you move forward two more Reavers will drop in to view. Take them out.

Up the road you will find a broken bridge.

To the right is a jump that will allow you to jump the gap. After you've jumped the gap, go to your left. An avalanche will block your way back.

You will meet two Reavers that plop down right in front of you. They will come one at a time.

Then one will land on top of a cliff to your right. Take them down as they come to you. Keep moving forward. It's slow going but at least you are making progress.

The next area that you come to will have a large tower.

A Reaver will attack you here. There will be a bunch of ground troops as well.

Take them out, and then start firing at the turrets in the tower. There are three or four of them in or around the tower.

When you've taken them out the tower will fall. When it falls it will crush the gate, and allow you to continue onward.

You are going to be entering a tunnel where it is really hard to see.

A Corpser will appear in front of you. If you shoot it once, it will vanish as quickly as it came.

It gets pretty hard to see in here, even with lights.

Keep going. You will see a Brumha walking about the tunnel.

Then you will make a large jump and lose power. When you've got power back, there will be three Corpsers surrounding you.

Take out the one in front of you when it raises to strike.

Then take the one to the right of you out. Then swing to the one to the left and take it out as well.

Keep moving forward.

You will find two Brumaks waiting for you. Unload on one of them.

Then reload, and take the other one out. They are actually pretty easy to take out.