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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Gathering Storm Displacement

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Go down the path.

You will eventually come upon a Theron. Take him out.

There's a little cave nearby with a tork bow in it. Continue forward.

You will encounter a couple grubs as you make your way forward.

A locust boat will show up as well. I think it dropped a couple of grubs off, but I'm not sure. It was pretty far away. Anyways, take out the grubs and move forward.

As you move forward a couple wretches will come at you.

Then you will face another group of grubs.

The grub boat will show back up, and start shooting at you.

Shoot it until you hit one of its gas tanks. It will blow up and run forward out of control.

When it stops, it will provide you with a way to cross a river down here. When you cross the broken boat, another locust boat will show up.

It will drop off a couple more grubs in front of you. Take them out.

There will also be a priest in front of you. When he's dead continue forward.

A blood mount will be in your path. Take him out before he can get to you.

Then there will be a couple more grubs.

They will be followed up by a locust priest.

On the dock you will be attacked by a couple of grubs and a grinder carrying a machine gun. Pick up his gun and then go to the end of the dock.

A locust boat will shear off the end of the dock and you will start floating.

The boat will be firing on you, so use the big gun you just got to mow all the grubs on that boat down.

More will appear after you killed the first set. Mow them down as well. It's amazingly easy to do with this gun. Your raft will float forward.

Another locust gunboat will come right up to the side of the raft.

This one has a grub with a flame thrower on it. Take him out and then board that gunboat.

Grab some cover. You will be attacked by four locust gunboats now. They will come one at a time.

The first one will come from the right. Kill all the grubs on it. They go down really fast. One or two shots will put them down.

Then a gunboat will come from the left. Take out the grubs on it.

Then another gunboat from the left.

Finally a gunboat will come from the right again. As I said all the grubs are super easy to kill.