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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Gathering Storm Dirty Little Secret

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You are in some kind of odd little compound.

Walk around until you find a door to the inside. Go on in, and see if anyone is home.

You will eventually come to a large door that looks kind of like a bank vault door. After that you are asked to restore power to the area.

You will start in a corridor that starts right by the door that you need to blow open.

Continue down it, you will find a flame thrower followed by a big switch. Flip that big switch to restore power. Now you need to go back to the Centar. Go back the way you came.

A little bit past where you found the flame thrower, there is a door you can open by flipping a switch by the doors side.

After you enter the next room you will be attacked by a bunch of wretches.

Chainsword the wretches as they come at you. They are pretty easy to take out this way. There are a ton of wretches in this room.

Just keep chain swording them, and moving forward. There's a bit of ammo laying around, so you should be able to fill your ammo up to the max in here.

When the wretches are all gone, you will come to a door that has a wheel you need to spin to open it. Open it and go outside.

You will pick up a bomb from Baird. It takes two of you to carry it, and you cannot set it down.

You will be attacked by wretches when you get back in the building. You will have to take them down with your pistol. When they get too close in, melee with your pistol to kill him.

Anyways, go back in the same door you came out of. Take out all the wretches that attack you. Jack will open the next door. Proceed through that door.

Once again you will be attacked by wretches. Continue forward, and eventually you will see the hallway that leads to the door you have to blow up.

As you move down that hallway you will be attacked by wave after wave of wretches.

When you get close enough to the door, you will get a cut scene of your planting the bomb.