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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Gathering Storm Origins

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Move on down the path. You will start getting more and more recordings from their security system.

You will come to a large room with some ammo in it, and a door that Jack has to open. Wait for him to open it and then move onward.

Eventually you will see some wretches trapped in a room. If you back track a little bit, there is a door you can kick in.

You will find a switch that turns on the automatic defenses. Flip the switch to get rid of the wretches.

Then turn the defenses off, so you can go through that area. Continue onward.

You will come to an area with an automatic turret facing you and some filing cabinets that will provide cover for you.

Bounce from cover to cover as you move closer to the turret. You will see an open door to your right. Go through that door.

There will be a switch in this room that allows you to turn off the security system. When you turn off the security system Dom will join you. Continue forward.

A group of wretches will attack you here. I just chain sword them like ususal and then move further in to the room.

It looks like you are in an abandoned locker room. There are two turrets in this room.

Take cover behind the lockers, and move to the right.

Then take cover behind the lockers that are right beside the turrets. Bounce from cover to cover as you move to the left. You will move by the turrets so fast that they do not have a chance to shoot at you.

You will find another switch you can use to shut off the turrets. Dom will join you once this is done. Continue forward.

The next set of turrets is much harder to get by. There are two turrets pointed your way, and one more on the ceiling.

Fortunately there are a couple of cabinets that will provide cover for you. Jump from cabinet to cabinet as you move forward.

There is a switch in the middle of the hallway. When the lights are not pointed at you, get up and flip the switch.

Next you will find a open courtyard with a couple of wretches in it. Take them out and continue onward.

When you open the door, you will be facing a big group of wretches that will all spring on you at the same time. Take them out as best you can.

Continue forward. You will come to another single turret. Just run by it in to the next room.

This room will have two turrets in it. Wait until the turrets lights are not on you, and then run to the side of the turret.

There will be some wretches that attack you here. They are pretty easy to take out. After they are dead, run to the other side of the turrets.

You will duck as you run so the turrets will not see you. Wait until the light of the turrets swing out of your way, and then exit the room.

There is a switch to turn the turrets off just outside of the room.

Continue forward. You will see a couple turrets hanging from the ceiling.

If you go to the right, you will see a switch on the wall. Flip the switch and go in to the door that is close by. There is a flame thrower here, along with a document you can read.

Go back out in to the main room, and you should get attacked by a couple of wretches. After you kill them, go to the left side of this room.

Wait for the turrets lights to swing to the right, and then run under the turrets. Go to the right and out of that room. Dom will join you. Continue forward.

You will see a bunch of turrets lining a hallway.

Wretches will attack you in this hallway. Once they are dead, run down the hallway.

You will move fast enough and low enough that the turrets will not see you. Continue forward.

You will be asked to split up. Take the left path.

Flip the green switch. As the switches turn green, flip them.

At the end there will be another switch that opens to a door to get past this area. Move forward.

You will come to some statis tanks, and eventually to a switch you need to flip.