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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Gathering Storm Rude Awakening

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Alright, you've awaken something called the Sires. Looks like you've got a bit of a fight coming up. These are actually pretty tough. Luckily you've got a flame thrower with you. Your flame thrower will take them out quite easily. Okay move forward. Your goal is to reach the centar.

Make your way through this room. There should be four sires in this room. These things are very tough.

They fall down and then get back up a couple seconds later. So don't expect them to stay down once they've fallen down.

The flame thrower does a pretty good job on them though.

In the next room you will be attacked by more sires. Make your way through this room, taking out this sires as you go.

When or if you run out of flame thrower ammo just use your chain sword. I don't know how many sires I killed in that room, but it felt like all of them.

I think there are about 12 that come at you usually two at a time.

The chain sword works surprisingly well on them. There is some flame thrower ammo and some regular ammo by the exit of this room.

Okay now on to the next room. This room is just like the last one. You will be facing about twelve sirens.

Just keep killing them until they stop coming.

Then spin the cranks on the doors to let yourself out of this room. Continue forward.

You will see a big switch that you have to flip to switch the computer off. After that keep moving forward.

A hole will be blown in the wall and you will be rushed by locusts.

Watch out some of them have flame throwers. Shoot the tanks on their backs to blow them up.

There will be about six or seven grubs attacking you here.

In the next room you will be attacked by two more grubs. There's a door and a hallway in this room.

There is a turret facing down the hallway.

Through the door there is a switch that you can flip to turn the turret in the hallway off.

It also turns a turret in the area the grubs are hiding in on. That really helps to take out those grubs. Keep moving forward.

You will have to fight your way up these hallways as you go.

There are a mixture of grubs and grubs with flame throwers guarding them. The whole process is not too tough.

Eventually you will come to a door to kick in.

Past the door is a grinder, a really big guy carrying a machine gun. Shoot him in the head until he goes down.

When he goes down the roof will break and it will start raining ice shards. The grubs will be caught in it and sliced to pieces.

We are going to be heading outside now. Stay out of the rain, it will slice you to bits.

You need to get to the rail cars. Go to your left and to the building there.

Shoot the grub waiting in the car for you. Then run to it and hop in.

A grub hole will open up nearby. Take out all the grubs that come out of it.

Then flip the switch in the rail car that you are in. The rail car will start to roll.

Shoot every grub you can as the rail car is rolling. When the car stops rolling, exit the car.

There are a couple concrete barriers. Use them for cover.

Grub come out of another grub hole. Take them out, and then go to the right.

You will find a path to another rail car. Jump in to the rail car and exit on the other side of it. This path will lead you to the grubs you just killed. Pick up any of their ammo that you want and then proceed onward.

There are two grubs to kill up ahead.

When you've take them out, walk over to the wheel on the door and give it a turn. It will raise the garage door, which will provide some shelter for you.

Grubs across the way will open fire on you through that door. Take them out.

There is another wheel for a door on the other side of the concrete barrier the grubs were hiding behind. Give it a turn.

Keep turning wheels as you make your way through this area. Eventually you will have to weather the storm for a couple feet at you make your way to the next cover.

You will find yourself at another rail car.

Jump in it and kill all of the grubs around you.

Then flip the switch so the rail car will roll to the next shelter.

As the car rolls forward there will grubs on each side of the train. Take out as many as you can.

After the car stops, stay in it and take out all the grubs you can.

Then exit the car and finish off the ones you couldn't get from inside.

Climb the ladder on the side of the building, and then move forward.

Run across the open area to the next cover. There will be a grub hole that opens.

Kill everything that comes out of it.

Then run across the open area to the next cover.

Another grub hole will open here. Kill all the grubs that come out of it.

Then run to the next covered area.

There will be a couple Mauler Boomers making their way to you, and hiding under their shields. Shoot them to take them out.

After you take them out, the weather will change for the better. Now you can walk out in the rain.

Another grub hole will open up. Take out the grubs. This will be a little bit easier since you can walk anywhere now.

Move back to the centar.

You will have a bunch of Reavers that attack you at the centar.

Take the one out that lands on the ground by shooting it in the head.

There will be three more that keep flying over head. Keep shooting them until you take one of them out. When you do this section will be over.