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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Gathering Storm Brackish Water

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You just went off a huge waterfall. You're stuck on a boat that's not moving, and now you are being attacked by a giant fish.

It will try to grab the boat with its giant tentacles.

When it does this, just use your chain sword to cut them off.

Eventually it will bite down on the front of the boat.

Shoot one of its eyes and it will open its mouth wider.

When it opens its mouth wide run inside of its mouth.

Inside of its mouth you will be attacked by several blue tongue things. Before they attack they swirl. When they do this shoot them.

After you shoot enough of them the center of its mouth will come out, and start reaching around.

Switch to your grenades and let it suck on that. It will leave the boat for a second, and then come right back. As my dentist used to say, rinse and repeat. When you've done that three times, the big fish will die.