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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Hive Priorities

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You get to move forward a long ways here, before you get in a fight. There are quite a few cut scenes.

You finally decide to go to the labor camps, to help find Maria.

You will come to a section that is barred by running water.

If you look to the left, there is a water control valve. Turn it to remove the water. Jump over the barricade.

A bunch of grubs will show up on the other side of the water area. One of them will be trying to turn the water on again. Shoot that guy.

Then take the rest of the grubs out. This is most easily done with a grenade. Once again continue forward.

You will come upon a group of wretches, and a Mauler Boomer.

Take the wretches out first.

Then start putting shells in to the big guy. Wait until he starts swinging his mace, and then hit him a couple times. Repeat that until he goes down.

Further on you will come to a turreted gun. There will be a bunch of grubs around it.

The worst thing about this is there is a spot light shining right in your face. Shoot the spotlight to get rid of it. Now at least you can see again.

I used a grenade to take out the mounted gun. It's just too hard to shoot the guy behind it with all the bullets coming your way.

After that gun is gone, the rest of the grubs are a cinch to mop up.

After the battle you will find a Locust terminal off to the left hand side.

You need to find the matching locust terminal. Just walk along the path following dom. Checking each terminal as you go.

I think you will check five of them before you find the correct one. When you do you will have to wait for Jack to find Maria.

During this time you will be attacked by a Bloodmount and a bunch of wretches from the right.

Then a blood mount and some grubs from the left.

After that will come a boomer and some more grubs from the right.

Then a priest guy with a tork bow from the left.

When you've taken them all out, Jack will open the container he found.