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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Hive Hornets Nest

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Move forward. You will find a door you need to kick through.

After that you will encounter a lot of locust you need to fight through. There will be some above you.

Followed by some more on the ground.

Then there will be a sniper up above you need to take out.

Along with a couple more grubs on ground level.

Then there will be a couple more grubs that come down the nearby stairs. Take them out. Go up the stairs.

There is a little room up here with a switch in it.

When you flip the switch a couple flame thrower guys and a Theron will come charging at you. Run over to the balcony overlooking the court yard and the stairs.

You can take them out as they are climbing the stairs. Then go the way they came from.

You will be facing a couple grubs along with a Bloodmount next. Take the Bloodmount out first. Those things can be nasty.

Then take out the grubs and continue forward.

There is a set of stairs that goes down to a dead end and a couple of grenades.

Walk out in to the next section and pull the lever. It will raise some barricades for you.

There are a ton of grubs across the way, with barricades of their own.

Above them will be a grub running for a switch to lower your own barricades. Take him out before he can do that.

A Reaver will land right in front of you. Take it down.

Then start working on taking the grubs out. There's a bunch of them, so this will take a little while.

When they are dead the doors that are behind the grubs barricades will open and a couple of grinders, the guys with the machine guns will come out. I picked up one of the machine guns the grinders drop.

In your next battle you will face a couple big guys with cleavers. I bet they would be tough if you weren't carrying one of the machine guns the grinders dropped.

Take out the big guys first, and then start working on the rest of the grubs.

There are a lot of grubs here.

Along with a couple priests. There is lots of cover here as well. Jump from cover to cover as you move forward, taking grubs out. When they are dead, move forward again.

There will be a couple grubs above you here.

One of them is a flame thrower guy, so take him out first if you can see him.

There is a big guy with knife on your level that will come charging you, so watch out for him. Take him out when he gets to you, or when you've finished the guys up above you.

Then move forward. There will be another big guy with a knife or hatchet that will charge you.

There's also a couple grubs in your path. They are pretty easy to take down.

When they are all dead continue onward. Pull the switch you come to. That will put up some barricades you can use for cover.

There are a four or five grubs across the way. It's probably better to take them out from a distance because they carry shotguns. I charged them. Anyways, take them out.

Jack will deploy the beacon. I'm sure you have to defend this area until reinforcements arrive next. Isn't that always the case?

Sure enough. You'll be facing some grubs along with some tickers. Take them out as you can.

The tickers move damn fast, so shoot them asap. You will see a couple of Reavers buzzing over your head.

Shoot them when you have the free time. Eventually one of them will land.

Shoot it in the head to take it out. When it lands, don't get distracted by anything else, just take the Reaver down.

After you take the first one down the second one will land. Take it out as well.

When they are both dead a gate will open. There is a boomer behind the open gate. Move forward and take him out. If you do not move forward, you will be hit by a bunch of rockets and die.

Move through the gate that just opened. You will see a lever that will raise some barricades. Get behind the barricades that just popped up.

There will be a bunch of grubs attacking you. Take them down.

Move forward a bit and you will see another lever to pull. Pull it to give yourself some cover.

Another group of grubs will attack you here. Take them down.

When they are dead all the barricades will sink back in to the floor.

Pull the switch to raise some of the barricades again. This place is really tough.

I run back quite a ways to put some distance between me and the tickers and mortars.

You will be facing two grinders here, along with a bunch of tickers. There is also a guy way in the back launching mortars at you. Dom will go down almost right away in this one.

So it's pretty much up to you. Once the tickers are dead move in and finish off the grinders.

When the grinders are gone, move forward and take out the guy calling in the mortars.