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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Hive Royal Inquisition

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Move forward.

Flip the switch that you come to.

You will be asked if you want to go right or left. I chose right this time. It doesn't really matter which way you go.

You will be in a large room with pillars right down the center of it. You will be attacked by a bunch of grubs.

One of them will be a Mauler Boomer.

There will be a priest, and a couple regular grubs. Take them out.

Obviously take out the Mauler Boomer first. If he is defending himself with the shield, shoot him in the toe. Toe shots are just like head shots when it comes to this guy.

Move to the next room. You will be attacked by another group of the same enemies. Take them down.

In the third room you are attacked by another group of the same enemies.

When they are dead, walk around the ledge to the left. There is a grub and a Mauler Boomer on that ledge. Be careful taking them out.

On the other side of the ledge are a couple more Mauler Boomers, along with a bunch of grubs.

Take out whatever is closest to you. You will be joining up with your other group once you finish the battle.

After the battle ride the locust lift down.

You will find some more pressure plate barricades down here. There are some grubs across the chasm slinging bullets at you. Take them out.

When they are dead, the chasm will fill in and you will be able to cross. More forward a little.

You will come to another chasm, with grubs lining up on the opposite side.

Take them down.

When they are dead, the chasm will fill in and you will be able to move forward.

You will come to yet another chasm as you move forward. Grubs will start attacking you from the other side.

Just like the last two times, take them down.

When they are dead, the chasm will fill in and you will be able to move forward. You will get a small cut scene here.

The big square everyone is standing on falls down one level. You are in for one heck of a fire fight now.

About eight grubs will appear on one side and take cover behind the big pillars.

Take them out as fast as you can.

If you start noticing shots coming at you from another angle, it means another side has filled up with grubs.

Switch to the new side. Once again take them down as fast as you can.

When you've got them thinned out, another side will fill up with grubs. Keep switching sides until you've killed most of the grubs on all four sides.

Then clean up whatever is left. Make sure to stay in cover. You need to have cover facing the side of the newly deployed grubs. This is easiest if you always run to the corner closest to where the grubs just appeared.

When you are done killing the grubs, reload your ammo.

Then turn the wheel in the center of the platform to bring it up to the previous level.

Go to the big door. I guess we get an audience with the queen now. Ah great now we get to fight Scorge.

He's the big guy who took down Tai.

He will start out by trying to cut you in half. Pound your B button to prevent that from happening. You will end up cutting his nifty little weapon in to two pieces.

He will run over to the side, and some tickers will appear while he shoots at you. Shoot the tickers if they come near you.

He may also throw a couple gas grenades at you. If this happens just dodge to the side.

He will then bounce to the ceiling, and try to drop a stalactite on top of you. You can tell where it is going to drop. Just look for the shards of rock falling from the ceiling and stay out of their way.

Next he will try to drop a marble column on top of you. just run to the side, and roll out of the way when it falls.

After that he will try to chop you in two again. Once again pound the B button.

If you are not dueling him with your chain sword or he is not shooting at you, you should be moving around.

It makes it much harder for him to drop stuff on you if you are moving around. Do this three times, and he will summon his ride and run away.

After he is gone exit the building.

You will have to run across a bridge as Scourge’s pet is trying to blow it up. Now you get to fly a Reaver. This should be fun.