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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough Aftermath Free Parking

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You will start this mission running at a large building. A bunch of grubs will pour out of it.

There will be a couple snipers on the balcony above. Take them out first.

Then start clearing the grubs in front of you. Work your way to the left hand side.

As you do so grubs will come out of a side door on the left hand side. Slowly move forward killing the ones that just came out.

A grub with a flamethrower and a regular grub follow the previous group of grubs.

When they are dead you are done with this first battle.

Go through the entrance on the left side of the building.

Once you are inside of the building you will be charged by a flamethrower grub.

Take him down, and then take down the grub following him.

Work your way around the corner to the right. There will be three grubs you need to take out in the next room.

Stay in the hallway until you have them taken out. There is a priest guy on the stairs, who loves to throw grenades. Watch out for him, because he throws them two at a time.

When you enter the next room a couple tickers will appear so be ready for them. When they are gone take out the priest.

When the priest falls, a grinder will enter the room.

I tossed a grenade at him, and then hit him with a couple head shots to finish him off. When he falls you will be done with this battle. Pick up his gun as always.

Your objective is to secure the courtyard. Which basically means kill everything in it. Drop the gun you brought in with you. Remember where you dropped it at, because we will use it again later. There is a mounted machine gun turret that will keep you pinned down. So the first thing we are going to do is to take it out.

Run down the right stairwell

Grab some cover at the bottom of that stairwell.

Throw a grenade in to the machine gun turret. That should take it down.

There's a priest floating around down here. Focus your fire on him. There will probably be some tickers heading your way. Take them out if you see them. If you don't, they will probably blow up on you.

Clean up the rest of the grubs.

When you start to see wretches, run back and grab the machine gun you dropped earlier.

There is going to be two Mauler Boomers making their way to you.

Remember shoot them in the feet. When they get close enough, they will let down their guard and charge you. Open up on them when they do this.

When they are both dead, two Bloodmounts will appear. Take them down. There is probably still a grub or two left. Once they have been cleaned up, the battle will be over.

Proceed through the double doors. Turn the crank to raise the gates.

You will be out in a street.

There's a grinder nearby that you can take out almost right away. The grubs in this section are really tough and they will cut you down.

So make sure that you take them out from cover.

When you've killed all the grubs this battle will be over.

You will be given a choice here, to go left or right. I went right to fight my way through the building.

You will find a grub shooting down at Dom. Walk up to him and use your chain sword. There's a sniper rifle leaning up against the wall here. Grab it, we'll be using it quite a bit. Continue forward.

Start sniping the troops in front of Dom.

A Reaver will land, take him out. Continue forward.

You will come two three grubs behind a chain link fence.

One of them will be carrying a flame thrower. Take them out.

There's a car leaning out of a window. Give it a shove. Dom will use that car for cover down below.

Do a bit more sniping to help Dom out. Continue forward. A couple of cars will roll off of the level you are on. It will create a ramp down, so you can rejoin Dom.

As you come off the ramp two grubs will attack you. Take them out.

After they are gone, a grinder will show up. Take him out and then grab his gun.

There are a couple more grubs in front of you here. Take them down.

A Reaver will swoop in. Ah a Reaver is no match for your chain gun. Take him out.

One more Mauler Boomer will show up. Take him, or I should say take his feet, out.

There are two grub lackeys following him up. Take them down. Then continue forward.